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Account of Activities

tonydengcnu 23 / 17  
Dec 25, 2008   #1
Activity 1
In the early 2008, I participated in Beijing Olympic Games Volunteering Service. I filled in the online registration form and waited till one day in May when I received a phone call informing acceptance of my application. While I was delighted about this news, my teacher told me that this job was not easy and I had to persist no matter what difficulties I might encounter. I think it is my obligation to contribute to my country, so whatever I should do, I will do it to other people's satisfaction.

I began my volunteering work on July 11. I was allocated to the station in Beijing Sport University and worked about 4 hours every day. The summer in Beijing was so hot and the metallic booth I worked in was even hotter due to the direct exposure to intense sunshine. Since Beijing Sport University is a practice spot for athletes, there were very few people around in the beginning days. My service booth stood quite remote, so I only met five passers-by and the only service I did is to answer two people's questions. I was so frustrated and felt my Olympic dream broke down. But I wanted to change and tried to enrich my volunteering life.

I made a sign as a subway map with English illustration. Since I searched for the latest information about subway schedule and stations, especially the new lines, this sign did attract many people's attention. Some people designed their tour route before the sign. The other booth I was also responsible for was just before the university canteen. Considering most foreigners knew little about Chinese food, I looked for much relevant information from Internet and made an introduction booklet and put them in front of our service stand. In addition, I did a torch relay map and gold count sign.

What I did in the summer 2008 is a milestone in my life. It witnessed my improvement in various skills and changed me into a more capable and mature person.

Activity 2
With great enthusiasm and expectation for media work, I participated in the Student Movie Shooting initiated by IB TV station. I felt as overwhelmed as in the middle of a monsoon.

All tasks, ranging from plot design, actor selection, equipment rental, shooting, dubbing and advertising campaign, are new to me and offer a great chance for me to learn from. As one of the playwright, I find it a great difficulty to bring out the theme with limited lines and scenes. In order to lower the difficulty, I had to re-arrange scenes and plot. As the script-holder, my duty was to keep scenes in order, confirm accuracy of plots and scenes. This requires great patience and caution. Sometimes, even the place of a cup may affect the overall quality. These days gave me chances to know the bitterness behind the magnificence of movie making. However, my enthusiasm for media work persisted. While shedding tears on the completion day, I also felt relieved.

This unforgettable experience offered a chance to witness the birth of a movie and also know the importance of cooperation and mutual progress. This experience strengthens my willpower and I am more resolved to strive toward my dream. Hopefully, I can grow up rapidly in this field and become a real media professional.

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