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IELTS - 'advertisements are worthless but a form of entertainment'

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Mar 3, 2012   #1
pls check and grade my essay, thousand of thx!!!

In this society, people would buy something only if they can meet their requirements, so the advertisements have no function of selling but rather they are a form of entertainment.Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

As shakespeare said, there are thousand hamlet in thousand people's eyes. when talking about the topic of whether the advertisements maintain useful in selling products, it is understandable that people from different backgroud hold divergent attitudes toward this controversy.to reach a consensus, analysing the pros and cons in each side is necessary.

There are plenty of proponents support the statement that advertisements are still powerful in modern society and business. in the first place, advertisements are one type of helpful tools in conveying the basic information of products, it also shorten the distance between consumers and consumptions. secondly, with the improvement of tech and media nowadays, the advertisements content became more and more interesting and attractive, by advertising on amounty of media, such as tv, magazines and internet, it could stimulate the need of numerous potential consumers dramatically, through this way, advertisements accelerate the business and bring a great much of profits for company.besides, ads spur the competition effctively and broaden the market, from this perspective, ads are beneficial to the consumers someway.

On the other hand, in contrast, some opponents insist that advertisements are useless in business but rather they are kind of entertainment. indeed, there are much more advertisements produced in a rough way in our daily life.it is filled with mistakes and misleading information, even have negative influence on us. additionally, increasingly people concentrate on the ridiculousness and actors' perform in the ads, then ignore the real purpose the ads expressed. generally speaking, according to them, the ads is becoming one type of pastime what we kill time with.

To sum up, as a coin has two side, there always are suppotors stand at each side of a argument.for my part, I totally disagree with the claim that advertisements are worthless but a form of entertainment. i bet ads are significant in promoting the development of economy and will play greater role in future.

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Mar 6, 2012   #2
I'm crazy about ur ideas as well as what u describe. But do u think that is it enough 250 words????????

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