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Is it an appropriate way to learn foreign language by children at an early age, or not?

BRANOO 1 / -  
Aug 18, 2016   #1
Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary

Nowadays, the issue about children, whether it is an appropriate way to learn foreign language at an early age or not, is controversial one. Most parents want their children to learn foreign tongue at primary school, however, there are pros and cons and in this following essay I will analyze them and give some reasons.

Initially, it involves several profits to learn foreign language at primary school. One clear example would be that children have a tendency of receiving informlation and keeping it in mind longer, especially at ages between 5-9 than at an older age. Because, during this period children have an interest of gaining new things and their brain works faster so it would not be difficult for them to learn unfamiliar languages. For instance, nowadays government is paying attention to the education system, therefore, there are many interactive and interesting programs for children which help them to learn easier. As a result, they would not have a problem with language in the future because of having a fundamental knowledge at primary school.

On the other hand, there would be some drawbacks of attending on early foreign classes if parents do not approach to this occasion appropriately. Because, it is difficult to compel children to do things which they are not interested in. Obviously, they have many subjects in curriculum that they have to learn and if it is added foreign language as an extra one they will be loaded tons of homework that could lead to irritation. That is why, parents should be aware of allocating subjects in order to tackle this problem.

In conclusion, we have seen some advantages and disadvantages of learning foreign languages at primary school, however, despite petty drawbacks it is profitable to begin learning foreign languages at early age.

Hi guys, I'm new-comer, I hope you'll share your opinions about my essay and thanks in advance.

bbcheesecake14 10 / 14  
Aug 18, 2016   #2
hi brano, i'll give you some correction for your essay

a tendency of receiving informlationinformation
thisthese period children because children is plural, so you should use these
to much repetition word, you should paraphrase it.


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