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Ielts task 1: Australian use of energy and how it impact numbers of the greenhouse gas emissions

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Nov 3, 2021   #1

Australian household energy use and the greenhouse gas emissions

An average of using energy in some terms of Australian families is showed in the first pie chart, followed by the proportion of the greenhouse gas emissions as a result in the rest chart.

It is noticeable that heating and water heating are two types having the most using. However, only water heating makes up the highest proportion of gas emission and the second is other appliances.

Australian use 40% of energy in heating and 30% in water heating. While the percentage of lighting and cooling just stand at below 5%, the figure of other appliances is higher at 15%.

Even though energy use of warming is the highest, its emissions is far less likely about two times. Exhausting produced by cooling and water heating conduct approximately similar number of using stamina. Figure for others release more than twice consumption, followed by lighting at 8%, refrigeration at 15% and alternative appliances at 28%

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Nov 4, 2021   #2
When you wite a trending statement for 2 images, remember to identify the image type along with the thend for differentiation purposes. since the images carry similar information listings, the reader must be clued in on the location and relationship of the trend. The trending statement is a large part of the accuracy score so you have to do well in that portion in as much as it relates to the summary overview.

The first image analysis is incomplete. You did not compare your written data with the image content. This image provides enough content for at least 3 more reference sentences. The second image is better represented and more accurate in terms of discussion. Never forget to connect the data with the image anchor. The essay you wrote is really confusing to read due to the lack of image guide / reference.
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Nov 5, 2021   #3
Thank for your feedback so much ❤ Yay I've found my mistake 😎

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