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The average educational spending on each student have rocketed continuously for more than 20 years

May 13, 2012   #1
School should ask students to evaluate their teachers. Agree or disagree.
Some of my expressions are not accurate. Please help me to modify them.

The average educational spending on each student have rocketed continuously for more than 20 years. In contrast, the public is not satisfied with the outcome of that huge investment. Most common people and educational specialists agree to the conclusion that the quality of education did not increase correspondingly. To cope with this problem, some experts propose that students should be asked to rate the performance of their teachers. I strongly approve this proposal.

To begin with, students know their teache better in the domain of teaching effect than any other people, such as headteachers, supervisors of the government. If we can compare the teaching service as a kind of commodity, say clothes, the people who know the quality of this commodity best must be who use it, say patrons. Students are the patrons of the educational service and have the right to evaluate its quality. However, nowadays, the measurement system of our educational service is consisted with few supervisors who just meet the teachers less than five days a year. Then the outcome of this measurement is dubious.

Additionally, if students have the chance to evaluate their teachers, the attitude of teachers will change significantly. In the past, local newspaper often reported that students were physically punished by their teachers, only because they did not finish their homework. When students have the access to express their opinion of their teachers, this kind of thing will distinct. Consequently, in order to get a reasonable score, teachers will pay more attention to their students' need. For example, a teacher may spent their off-campus time to help students resolve academic questions.

What is more, under the pressure of evluation, teachers will try their best to improve the quality of teaching. For instance, there are many old-fashioned teachers in our education system today. They are not willing to catch up with the new trend of technology. Some of them even do not know how to use computer to make slides. Under the evaluation pressure, many of them will change their obsolete teaching style and apply new factors, such as slides and videos.

Admittedly, some drawbacks of this evaluation means should also been considered. The most obvious one is that students may easily abuse their right. Some students, especially those too youny to understand rulls, may judge their teacher by like or dislike. But, these disadvantages can be demilished if we make precaution in advance. In conclusion, the advantages of introducing students to evaluate their teachers will outdo its disadvantages in the long run.

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