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Begin formal education at the very early age or at at least 7 years old. Discuss and give opinion.

Oct 5, 2021   #1

formal education for kids as soon as possible

Some people say that at the very early age, children should take up formal education, while others think that not until 7 years old should they begin it. Personally, I believe having a sooner start will brings more beneficial than a later one.

To begin with, there are some advantages of letting the children go to school at at least 7 years old. Firstly, they will have more time at home learning how to behave and how to take care of themselves since the teachers cannot teach them that thing as detailed and carefully as their parents. Besides, taking up formal education too soon will create many stresses for the children. The earlier childhood prioritize learning skills instead of knowledge. For example, children prefer playing with their friends, living nonchalantly than doing math and writing several paragraphs.

However, begin their formal education at the very early age affects the kid more. Despite learning new things by theory with their parents, they can learn a lot by interacting with their friends or teachers and develop the social skill, which will benefit them in the long run. Although coming to school early may create stress, early knowledge and more time practicing will provide them a head start compared to the ones who start later, moreover, we can still manage their concern by adjusting the curriculum to be suitable for them. Having early education will help the children to develop more in the future.

In conclusion, I think that let the children take up formal education as soon as possible is a better idea.
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Oct 8, 2021   #2
The point of view of the writer is well represented throughout the essay. Only that point of view. There are 2 other points of view that should have been discussed from a public perception. This type of essay requires I reasoning paragraphs that offer 2 points:

- An analysis of the validity of the public reason
- The opinion of the writer in relation to the public support (Yes or no? Why?)

By framing the discussion in this manner the writer will be able to deliver:
- A thorough insight of the opinion
- A coherent discussion as per the discussion requirements
- 2 cohesive discussion paragraphs

The uniter will do well to review the required discussion presentation next time then consider the appropriate writing format.

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