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What are the benefits of bilingualism or multilingualism?

chucnanana 1 / -  
Sep 11, 2020   #1

speaking beyond the mother tongue

Being monolingual in today's world may do little harm to a speaker; however, those mastering more than one language does have an edge over monolingual speakers. In order to adapt to the current setting in which globalization is happening so rapidly and explore miscellaneous cultural aspects expressed through languages, one should aim to venture beyond their mother tongue.

The first benefit of knowing many languages is relatively self-explanatory: that is being able to communicate with various corners of the world. This applies to not only leisure activities such as travelling but also to working and collaborating. In fact, being bilingual or multilingual is now a plus for promotion candidates or for job interviewees. Furthermore, access to materials is more open than ever when people can read in different languages. To better understand this point, simply think about fantastic foreign books and movies that are not subtitled yet . That is when we aspire to be fluent in those languages.

Second, languages reflect cultures, and each language is a different lens through which people look at life. In other words, the more languages people know, the richer and deeper their life experiences may get. Cultural aspects such as belief, values and perceptions are demonstrated explicitly in their respective languages. For example, in Chinese, while the word "xin" is commonly translated into the "heart", yet it also means the mind and emotions. That is to say, in Chinese culture, the heart as we know it is not only a physical one, it is also a mental representation of emotional world, the will and desires of a person and the wisdom. In other cultures, rarely does the "heart" mean this much if not influenced by the Chinese. A further implication of this is that those learning foreign languages might have access to a set of beliefs and concepts that do not exist or are obscure in their culture. Through this process, they may come to respect cultural diversity as well as appreciate the unique features of their culture.

To conclude, I truly believe that bilingualism or multilingualism eases people into the process of globalization and brings about a variety of cultural perspectives that one may not be acquainted with in their mother tongue. Therefore, much more emphasis should be placed on teaching foreign languages.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,317 2868  
Sep 12, 2020   #2
There are 2 possible exam representations for this topic. It can be a Task 2 or Task 1 essay. However, since this may also be a college admission essay prompt, I am unsure as to how to proceed with reviewing your work. Since you did not provide the relevant prompt for this essay, I will not be able to review this accurately in terms of format and content. All that I can do is offer you a general review of your work.

Let's start with the word count. If you are writing this for a task 1 essay, then your response should only be between 175-190 words. For the task 2 essay, anywhere from 275-290 words would have sufficed. The score is not based on the number of words you have written. You have to focus on writing properly, with quality, and clarity, to get a better overall score as based on the scoring rubic. Task 1, leaves you with 20 minutes to deliver a complete thought explanation. Task 2, gives you 40 minutes. Neither of the test time frames will allow you to write 381 words with time to spare for word proofing. In relation to a college admission essay, I need to know what the specific word count for the prompt is and what the other writing instructions are before I can review it for those specific requirements.

Due to the extreme word count, you failed to nottice your errors in relation to spelling, grammar, and clarity. All of which have a direct effect, due to points deductions in specific sections of scoring, on your final overall score. I will refrain from commenting on this as a possible college essay as I do not have enough background information with which to develop a review for that purpose.

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