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'Better to attend a small college or a large university?' - TOEFL Essay

Some people want to attend a small college. Other people think that it is better to attend a large university. Which type of school do you prefer?why?Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Deciding the type of university is also a big decision for students as choosing the wrong one could have unexpected dire consequences on them like on their grade. Some of the differences between a small school and a big school could be difference in the size of the classes, acceptance rate of the school and, sometimes bigger schools have better lab facilities and bigger library. In my opinion, going to a bigger school would be better than going to smaller school for various reasons

Firstly, when I go to a bigger school the class hours would be more flexible as there would more classes taught in each course as it has more students which also means it is more probable that it has more options for class timings. Moreover, these classes are taught by different professors as bigger schools would have more professors. So, if could not understand one of the professors, I can simply drop that class and try for the same class taught by different professor. This would really help me in getting good grades.

Secondly, the larger schools will generally have more majors available than in smaller schools which would really help me as I am undecided major and I can explore about different subjects and then pick up my major. In addition, as I already mentioned that larger schools will have better lab facilities which would give better hands on experience if pick up my major in the science or engineering department.

Since I am also looking for a job, as larger school would have more facilities which in turn would mean that they have more jobs available than other university.

Even though, a small school would have small classrooms, but the advantages of a large university will outweigh the advantages of a small university. These reasons drive me towards a larger university

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I am a student too but I can share you what you have wrote
I have recognize the repetition for the word big, that as I learned on my school will be unacceptable on both IELTS and TOFEL writing test

You can use the words 'advanced -developed-progressed- sophisticated' universities.

I wish you good results on your exam
Hi buddy,
You can some particular points to your essay probably.
1. A bigger university will have a more diverse student crowd and will prove to be the best learning experience in your academic and personal life.

2. In a small college, one might be like a frog in a well. One will face less competition in the smaller colleges which will eventually result that the person will be not so prepared to tackle the high competition. A big university can offer more competitive and growth actuated environment.

3. Big universities can offer more scholarships as they are given more funding and research grants.

I didnt see these points in your essay which I personally think can make your essay more informative. Do think about it.

Good luck and cheers. :D

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