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Boston Leadership Institute (spelling and grammar)

Woodstock 7 / 17 3  
Mar 19, 2014   #1
I don't think that this is going to be too difficult or take a lot of time. Mainly, I need help to see if it is correctly written. Is for an application to a summer program, and the instructions read:

Students or parents may fill out the application below. A sentence or two for the open-response sections is fine. Please do not write essays.
I am afraid that at some parts is going to be dull and at others is going to be too essayish. Overall, what can be improved?

Thank you!

What type of grades (are you)/(is the student) receiving in school? ...in science and math? *

I have achieved a grade of 95 or higher over 100 in most of my classes, and I consistently ranked among the Top 3 students in my former school (my actual school doesn't rank). Science and Math courses are the ones I performed better at, having obtained 100 in each Math class every semester and 97-100 in biology and chemistry classes.

(Are you)/(Is the student) taking or planning to take any advanced, honors, IB, or Advanced Placement courses? Please list examples. *

Being from a small school in Mexico, I don't have a say on what I study at school, nor the choices above are offered here. However, I don't let this to keep me from learning and knowing about my interests. I completed the Kumon Program when I was in tenth grade, which covers topics in calculus and statistics; and after my current school told me they wouldn't be able to gave me a Physics class the fall of my senior year, I signed up for one online. I have also completed a course in Android Programming (coursera) and I recently joined one on Fundamentals of Neuroscience (edX).

What is (your)/(the student's) interest level in math and science and, specifically, in STEM programs at the Boston Leadership Institute? This is a three-week program. Please speak to the ability to make a three week commitment to research. *

I am a Math Olympiad competitor. Problems have been my companion since sixth grade and I've looked up to mathematicians that had schizophrenia and then went on to win the Nobel or that were speculated to have Asperger's Syndrome by the press after they rejected a one million dollar prize. I have trained for sixteen hours straight and have been stuck with a problem other days more, so I am not afraid to say that I can do the same sacrifice for other kind of problems too, like the ones I would face at the Boston Leadership Institute. Specially, the Summer program of Clinical Psychology would not only introduce me to research, something I never thought I would be able to engage in before going to college, but I believe that by attending, with all the things I would learnt and see and experience there, I would have all the tools that I need to start making a change in a community misinformed about mental illness.

Any other comments? Career goals or extracurricular activities or awards might be mentioned here.
My achievements in the most meaningful extracurricular activities to me are: (then I include a list)
niesaysi 16 / 290 85  
Mar 21, 2014   #2
after my current school had told me that they wouldn't be able to gave me a Physics class the fall of my senior year, I signed up for one online.

with all the things I would learntlearnand, see , and experience

I have also completed a course in Android Programming (coursera)

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