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CBEST defeated by rejection - a situation that has a powerful impact on my personality

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Apr 3, 2018   #1
Hi reader. Thank you for having time to read my essay. I hope you will have few minutes to point out my mistakes. Thanks.

defeated by rejection

An extraordinary situation that has a powerful impact on my personality occurred during the first year after I graduated. It was then that I was defeated by rejection.

After graduation, I was very excited to be able to find a job. I wasn't sure what kind of position I should search for, but I knew that I wanted to have a job that I will enjoy doing. Since I'm very sociable and a talkative person, I thought, a position of a receptionist would suit me well. Without second thought, I applied for an open position of a receptionist in one of the prestige hotels in my city. While waiting for an interview call, I was very excited and nervous. After a few days the manager of the hotel contacted me and we scheduled the interview.Enthusiastically I went to the hotel and had a pleasant professional conversation with the manager. After the interview I was very confident about securing this position for myself.

Soon, my optimism got crashed buy a voicemail from the manager's assistant stating that I was a very good potential candidate but that somebody else got the job." Maybe next time", she said before she ended the message. It is hard to explain how I felt. Not just that I was sad about being rejected but I was devastated, angry and disappointed at myself. A mix of negative emotions were surrounding me for days. After my mom noticed that this rejection defeated me more than it should, she started to encourage me to start looking for a job again. "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", she whispered while motivating me.

I started looking for open job positions but I wasn't as excited as I was the first time. With little hope I submitted my applications and soon enough I got a few interviews scheduled. This lifted my spirit but I didn't want to expect and hope for too much. Two days after the interview , while I ran my errands, a vibration of my phone interrupted me. It was a phone call from an airport supervisor. " Congratulations, you got the job", he explaimed and made me so happy. I called my mom and share the good news with her. I could tell from her voice, she was so proud of me.

Many people think of rejection as a negative experience. What we don't think of it is that every defeat makes us stronger and pushes us to accomplish or goals." What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!", is a quote that you should remember next time you get defeated. It will help you keep going, trying and fighting to make your dreams and goals come true.

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Apr 6, 2018   #2
Aida, please remember that we always need to have the original prompt instructions posted in the text box before you post your essay. I cannot review an essay when I do not know what the prompt requirements are. I cannot even tell if you are properly responding to the prompt or not. All I can see, if that you misspelled certain words such as "explaim" for explain, and you used a publicly known pep talk (What doesn't kill you makes you stronger) which could have also been taken from a Kelly Clarkson song and thus, isn't original to your mother so it doesn't deliver the same impact as you believe it could have. The opening statement of the essay, that single line, is weak and does not really help to improve nor kick off your essay. If you had included the original instructions, I could have better guided you towards improving your work. Since you only get one free advice per thread, you just wasted one professional advice opportunity.

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