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The chart below the number of visitors to museum during the yeaar before and after it was refurbish

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Apr 16, 2023   #1

The impact of museum's development on visitors number

As can be that as a result of the museum's development, the number of visitors has recorded an upward tendency, with the gар оf 18 people. In terms of visitor satisfaction, the proposition of people who rated very satisfied" and "satisfied" has gone up in the year after its modernization, which has stood at 35% and 40% respectively. In addition, the rate of dissatisfied visitors has followed a plummet standing at 15%, which has been nearly one-third of the figure for the year before the refurbishment of the museum. Besides, the percentage of tourists who reacted "very dissatisfied about their visit has dropped slightly to 5%. Moreover, the number of people who had no response has remained stable at only 5%.
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Apr 17, 2023   #2
This presentation will receive an automatic failing score due to the insufficient word count. It is important that you meet the 150 word minimum requirement at all times. Failure to do so will result in a failing score based upon word count percentage deductions. There is absolutely no way you met the correct analytical requirements for the presentation. Even the formatting is incorrect as the 3 paragraph presentation for this task cannot be found. While you did report on the provided information, your lack of focus on formatting and analysis did not help you meet the passing score. There must bea complete presentation of:

Par. 1: Summary + trending statement
Par. 2&3: Information report and analysis

at all times. This essay shows a lack of sufficient task 1 writing requirements and understanding in relation to it.

Home / Writing Feedback / The chart below the number of visitors to museum during the yeaar before and after it was refurbish
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