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The choice for some people is to be happy from an early age

andika08 81 / 80 16  
Nov 11, 2016   #1
The choice for some people to be happy from early until end of their age. For example, studied from the teenagers all the way they do activities until old age to see what people can stay happy and healthy. The longest current study of Harvard Development stated that 75 years of people that feel happy as many factors influenced them. In addition, the scientist track the life of 724 men. They asking some question such as their home, home lives and health. Many problems face during this test as it was not easier than others study. However, there are still life people that join the test and now, he was age 90 years old. Moreover, since 1938, they try another ways such as divided people in a group. First group of men who studied at university and second group of boys from boston experienced some probem with thier lifes. All the teenager get interview and medical exam and also their parents got interview too. The result from this study or the factors made the people enjoy their life was God, relationship, keep them happy and healthy from day to day. There were related to relationship situations that supported this way such as social connection, quality with close relationship and have a good partner. This message showed increased healthy until old aged can be done and still aware about little mistake to broke the relationship.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,787 4778  
Nov 11, 2016   #2
Andika, when you write a summary essay that has to trace its information to the earliest known information regarding a study or survey, that part of the summary should come first. Start with the oldest information, working your way to the summary of the newest information so that there will be a clear chronology of information for the reader to process. At the moment, your summary gets confusing because, aside from the sentence development problems and vocabulary issues, the summary seems to just haphazardly offer information without a clear logical pattern. Your first sentence in this essay, which was supposed to lay the understanding for the discussion with the essay portrays an incomplete thought pattern and as such, creates a hanging sentence that does not make any sense. Remember to review your summaries in order to ensure that every sentence makes sense to the reader. Otherwise, the reader will be unduly stressed and may not be able to understand the overall summary because of the problem with the topic sentence.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Nov 11, 2016   #3
Hi Andika, here's another one from my end;

- The choice for some people to be happy from early age
- until end of their age. For example,maturity has been studied from
- the teenagers activities all the way they do activities untilto their old age to
- see what and how can people can stay happy and healthy.

Andika, as I go through editing the essay, I started a little bit confused and honestly, it stayed this way for the entire length of the essay. You see,one thing that is very confusing in your essay is the fact that, the structure is not very logical and the strength of the ideas are so put together in a way that is quiet confusing and not necessarily in conjunction to the idea or the message that you are trying to send to your readers. Having said that, I made a few starting points of revision as you can see above and I hope you follow through, I wish to review the final draft soon.

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