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Concealed Carry- do you agree or disagree.

vanessa000 4 / 9  
Aug 2, 2011   #1
With the increase of crime rate, more and more people are realizing the importance of public and personal safety. Some people hold the idea of "concealed carry" (CC), which refers to "the practice of carrying a concealed weapon in public", while other is against the CC. Although, "the practice is controversial, particularly with respect to handguns", but can it really solve the problem of the high crime rate?

To increase the public safety by supporting CC is very childish. The comment of "criminals are less likely to attack a person if they assume the person is armed" is not always true. Some criminals are born to committee crimes without caring for the targets are armed or not. They are aggressively obsessed with more challengeble crime just for personal satisfaction and for fun. They may even think more interesting and feel more enjoyable to fight with a person who is armed. Even though some criminals may become more worried to attack a person who may have a handgun, they can always find a way around to committee crime anyhow. For example, they may switch to attack minors who probably are not mature enough to fire a gun, especially young children. We read the news of missing children almost every day, and I don't think applying CC will actually bring the missing- children news down. The society should rather teach those parents how to guard and protect their children and how to be more responsible, instead of supporting CC. If parents are more responsible and take good care of their own children, I believe that it will actually help reduce the criminal rates. "Having a gun allows one to protect oneself when actually attacked" is not always the case when those victims don't even know how to properly use a gun. People are not machinery designed and people do make mistakes. What about the victims accidently misfire and hurt other innocent people nearby? Should they also be blamed for creating the public fear and called criminals?

Furthermore, I am anti-CC. Having a CC will increase the criminal rate, because it will make more convenience for the criminals who want to use handguns when they are doing crime. Imagine what could have happened if the criminals pretend to be good citizens and concealed carry to public area. It would probably cause a chaos where people are getting injured both physically and emotionally. However, the damage could be avoided if CC is not allowed and everyone's bags and personal belongs are checked by security guide in advance.

If CC is allowed at public, let us say in schools, students may worry about whether the guy sit next to them carry a gun, instead of concentrating in a class. They may also loss the interests or scare to common on their classmates' work, since the trigger can be pulled out anytime without advance notices. Some students may become less sociable and are afraid of making friends, because they are not sure whether other students are sensitive to use guns. Not to mention, some unwanted shooting may occur because of lack of training of how to fire a handgun. Not anyone is a nature shooter and shooting a gun is not as easy as sharpening a pencil. It requires lots of training and practices. Therefore, I believe that CC can actually cause more problems than it has already had. It can not only push people to take action during an unpleasant argument, but also increase their self-control problems which may lead to unplanned shooting.

In conclusion, my position of whether people should have CC is negative. There are other alternatives rather than supporting CC to help promote public safety: offering free self-defense classes; handing out public safety awareness booklets; having advanced security camera installed and hiring more security guide in public area. The alternatives are not going to caused extra problems and can be beneficial for the community overall, while CC can cause public fear, increase the criminal rate and the frequency of unwanted injuries, as well as damage the trust between people and harm the society.
isai 12 / 111  
Aug 2, 2011   #2
Greetings !

Well , this is a good piece of work. However , your conclucion slightly vague. Try to relate to introduction and conclusion to see the topic sentence.
Maninderrubal 1 / 2  
Aug 3, 2011   #3
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To sum up, English is a language that is fairly easy to learn compared to other languages. Even someone going for a world trip, they donot have to learn thousand languages, Just English will work.
OP vanessa000 4 / 9  
Aug 5, 2011   #4
your post is not related to my essay at all.
Maninderrubal 1 / 2  
Aug 6, 2011   #5
sorry i was writing my essay and it came underneath urs... but i couldnt delete it after

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