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In some countries, boys and girls are educated separately after the age of about ten years old.

charissedna 1 / -  
May 20, 2023   #1
In some countries, boys and girls are educated separately after the age of about ten years old.

Discuss this view and give your opinion.

In recent years, it would seem the community has been divided down the middle, with some advocating the view that children should be educated in a single school and some arguing against it by saying that they should learn in a mixed school. After careful consideration, I lean towards the latter view and this essay will explore my perspectives and shed light on several possible advantages and disadvantages.

There are several major benefits when boys and girls are educated separately. To begin with, learning in a single school would help them receive more comprehensive sexual education without feeling shame. Besides, co-ed education tends to create a significant distraction for children for many reasons, having a negative effect on academic performance. Thus, separate schooling would create favorable conditions for children to focus learning environment.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, opponents of this view may argue the following. It is not an overstatement to say that mixed education acts as an incentive for both boys and girls, enhancing their competitiveness because opposites attract. Moreover, co-education would boost gender equality, and bridge the gap between genders. No one could receive any special treatment and gender roles are less emphasized in a coeducational setting.

While both single-sex and co-educational schooling have their advantages and drawbacks, I subscribe to the view that students should learn in co-educational environments for its potential to promote diversity and social integration.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
May 22, 2023   #2
There are a few important mistakes made in the paraphrasing section. The first of which the information source. A community refers to is the incorrect identification of a small group of people . A country is a large group representing a nation. The synonym usage is in error in this case. Age references are also made in the original which were not mentioned in the new version. Therefore, the restatement has become inaccurate. There will cause a failing preliminary TA score.

Upon closer analysis , it appears that you wrote only 238 words out of the 250 minimum. Point deductions will be applied to this essay due to shortness. I do not see this essay receiving a passing score at this point as 2 serious errors are present in the work.

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