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crime of tricking old people- writing practice essay (letter to editor)

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Jan 10, 2008   #1
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In your housing estate, a gang of criminals has been tricking old people into giving them money. On behalf of the Owners' Association of the estate, write to the Hong Kong Post about an incident that took place recently. Describe how the old person was tricked, what the victim lost, and explain some of the measures your association has taken to protect people from being tricked in future. Sign your name 'Chris Wong'.

Dear Editior,

Our housing estate is well-known for its peaceful living condition for the elderly. Unfortunately, crimes related to cheating the old people are rampant since one month ago. A gang of criminals has been using a spiritual treatment to trick several old residents of ours into giving them money. I would like to write this letter, on behalf of Owner's Association of ABC Estate, to describe an incident happened recently on how the criminals tricked an old woman and explain what remedies we have taken to protect our residents from being tricked in future.

The incident took place on September 30th around eight o'clock morning. An old woman, aged 70, went out and did her regular exercise at ABC Leisure Park. During the exercise, she heard three middle-age women talking about a spiritual treatment helper who can help people realize their dream. The old woman believed the gossip and asked for details. Then, she accompanied the three cheaters and found the helper in a temple. The helper told them to bring all the money they have to show their sincerity and promised that they can get tack back them after the treatment. The victim went home and took all the money back to the temple. The helper used a red pocket to store the money and gave her a spiritual treatment. After that, believing that the dream will not come true if opening the red pocket before home, as the swindlers said, the victim took back the pocket without opening it and went home. At last, she found that the money had been replaced by newspapers and lost $30000, which she had saved over 10 years.

In order to prevent people from being cheated again, we have taken a string of measures to inform the elderly about the crimes. First of all, we have made posters to advertise the crime. One kind of the posters has the mug shots of the criminals, telling the resident to report to the police if they saw any of them. Another kind of posters describes how people were tricked and tell them how to realize a cheating. Additionally, we have sent letters to every household of our estate. We inform them about the crime and urge the younger to take a further look to their parent's behavior, especially when they suddenly need much money.

Besides, we have cooperated with the police to tackle the crime. We hold a meeting with the police on how to cope with the crime more effectively and efficiently by strategy patrol concerting by our safety guards and the police. And they are also urged to keep watching for the elderly and anyone suspicious. Then, the police have organized an ad hoc committee for the crime.

The elderly deserved a peaceful environment to live on. Our estate cannot tolerate criminals tricking the elderly again. Hoping that by the concerting efforts of our the residents, the police and our association, our estate can be retrieved to be an ideal place to the elderly.

Yours faithfully,
Chris Wong
Chris Wong
Chairperson, Owners' Association of ABC Estate

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