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TOEFL Essay," Is daily homework necessary..?"


Many teachers assign homework to students every day. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

We all run away from homework. No one likes it, but I think it is necessary for students, because it teaches students to be a responsible person in their life. It also increases their confidence and interest in classroom activities. It helps students to understand quickly and perform well in classroom.

To begin with my first reason, homework teaches students to be a responsible person their life. If students complete their homework, then it shows their care and responsibility about studies. They learn to understand their responsibilities. They also learn to complete their work which is assigned to them instead of running away, which is very important for their career in future.

Secondly, homework helps students to increase their confidence and interest in classroom activities. For examples, a positive reply from teacher on homework done by student helps to motivate them. It increases their interest and they actively participate in classroom activities. This helps to develop their personality.

Thirdly, students learn to manage all their activities to complete the homework. They learn to take the proper use of time and do their work. This helps students to be disciplined in their life. Homework also helps students to understand quickly. For example, if a teacher gives homework of reading next chapter for the next class and students completed it by reading the next chapter, then it will help them to understand quickly because they already have read that chapter. They can easily ask questions and clear their problems. So, homework teaches students about time management and discipline.

Finally, I do agree with this that homework is boring, but it is essential to succeed in life. Homework allows students to review whatever they have learned in school on daily basis. This helps them to grasp quickly. So, everyday homework could play a vital role in student's life.


We all run away from homework. No one likes it

This seems to be too much generalized. Say it differently;

Homework is usually not favored by the students as it disturbs their free time.

because it teaches students to be a responsible person in their life .
The second to last sentence "This helps them to grasp quickly" to me seems like a fragment.
i personally would revise it to say: This helps them to quickly grasp concepts in the classroom
or something similar
In my opinion, you can make your conclussion more concise. I'd rather rewrite it this way:

In short, I admit that homework can bring out some unpleasure experiences, but considering the distinctive benefits, it is really worth students' trying.

By the way, I think your work is great !
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