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Definition paragraph . Define the word ' solidarity ' and give your own perspective

LOIDAT 1 / -  
Nov 9, 2023   #1

THE "solidarity" word

Solidarity is defined as a connection of work effeciency of each member of the unity to reach the general purpose. However, it is more than that definition. Solidarity is not only the work connection but also the sharing of each individual emotion and responsibility. It is a connection of each member liability and emotion to work together and achive the goal that more than they thought. The reponsibility and emotion help them improve thier temperament to deal with even that they encouter the difficult problem. It is often seen in sport events. For instance . during the soccer competition of Vietnamese team and Qatar team. Vietnamese team got many difficulty when they played because Qatar team is one of the most powerful soccer team of Asian in 2018. However , the solidarity help vietnamese team connect the emotion pf each member of the group and also thier liability to the country where they were born and grew up. So at the end of the competition , they won the Qatar team and made a historical miracle of vietnamese footbal. Thus, solidarity becomes a powerfull tool to bring the significant result to any unity purpose by connecting the emotion of each individual of the unity but also help them develop the sense of responsibility for what they work for
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15036 4827  
Nov 25, 2023   #2

I think you meant to refer to "community" as in the place where the solidarity is taking place? Unity and solidarity mean almost the same thing so you more than likely got confused when it came to word usage.

member liability

Liablity is a negative term. I think you were again, trying to say "ability". Please do not keep using English words without being certain of the meaning. It affects the clarity of your sentence and also, shows a limited English vocabulary ability. Build your vocabulary properly. Use a dictionary before using the word. Be sure of the meaning.

The errors in this writing are pretty basic for ESL students. It is nothing that you cannot overcome in due course. Read more in English and never stop writing. You need to make mistakes in order for people to help you see the errors and correct them.

Home / Writing Feedback / Definition paragraph . Define the word ' solidarity ' and give your own perspective
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