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Easy DIY projects for kid engineers - summary ted

ryan31 65 / 96 15  
Nov 13, 2016   #1
Teaching to the student about making creativity product with a low budget. It was inspired when visited cosplay event and using daily routines materials such as a light-up crown and skirt. After that, try to conduct a flappy bird game into a box to attract the curiosity of children. It was better than playing a game in the smartphone, even when it was perpetuated in the youtube and directly got more than a million viewers in a few days. It can teach about it to children or maybe people attracted about engineering. Surprisingly, pupils were not only made this product but also played it into finish. Furthermore, children made a robot using standard technology kit such a piece of paper for decorating robot. Besides, they can start with paper and fabric as main materials so that it means the cost was very cheap since can find it in the house. Although they had been a skill to build a robot, another shape can create by themselves based on what they want. As a result, it will create a creative project in the future as using their brain to critical thinking about that. There were three approaches, firstly, having a low floor, it means you can get the materials so easily and get a simple product. Consequently, people can complete this project for under a dollar. Secondly, having a high ceiling. it means people had unlimited space to improve their creativity and feeling challenging. The last, the customization. Society can modify their project into what they want using paper and fabric. Finally, the citizen can make their own project.
nda18 46 / 81 9  
Nov 13, 2016   #2
hi ryan31, these are my thought towards your summary

[it would be better if you write opening sentence]
Teaching to the student about making creativitycreative product with a low budget.
[ i think this sentence is not complete yet ]
It can teach about it to children or maybe people who attracted aboutin engineering.
[this sentence makes me confuse]

ryan, i cannot understand some sentences because too much "it" in your sentences.
it would be better if you write who is the presenter in order to make it more clear.

i hope it will help, thanks and good luck

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