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Esssay about should be encouraged to use computers from an early age(agree or disagree)

johnnguyenav 1 / -  
Oct 30, 2023   #1

should children be allowed to use computer early or not?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, technological devices such as computer have dramatically changed human's society and been widely used for many purposes in our life. Many people argue that not only adults but also children should be allowed to use computer from the early age. However, I totally disagree with this belief due to these following reasons.

On the one hand, young people can easily addict to computer, which is a serious problem of modern society. Most of the youths are lack of self-discipline skill and unable to organize time reasonably for both recreation and studying while games and online content are designed to attract people as much as possible. As a result, a growing number of children are computer addicts and rely too much on laptop to connect to others or entertain and that discourage them from outdoor activities and social contact and leads to loneliness, depressing, or poor physical health and upheaval mental health as well.

On the other hand, using computer without limitations definitely distract children from studying and negatively affect them. Many unaware students their using their own laptop browsing social media or playing games rather than revising lessons. Yet they have no worries about exam or assignments because of the help of technology, various websites and apps allow them to find for help. There are also a number of violent games and contents that have negative impacts to children's awareness and development. For instance, many cases of violent reaction and murdering relate to computers games that murderrer consider killing someone is commonplace as games.

In conclusion, it is undeniable to the benefits of computers but youth should no be promoted to use it early,especially without supervising of adults. However, children can still take advantage of technological devices within limits by some solutions such as: installing phone using counting apps, improving children awareness of using smartphone positively, creating more playground and outdoor activities,...By all these ways, not only computers but also other technology innovation and its negative effects won't be trouble in digital era anymore and children can be developed fully in both physical and mental health.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,430 4691  
Oct 31, 2023   #2
The increased word count did not help this essay achieve a passing score. That is because the proper discussion format was not followed for the presentation and as such, ensured that the essay would not get a preliminary passing score. This is a single opinion, 2 reasoning defense essay. It is not a comparative essay. It also, not an extent essay. These are the first 3 errors that can be immediately found in the essay.

A word count of 350 words or more ensures that the essay cannot be completed within 40 minutes. As such, the essay will not be completely developed and therefore, receive a failing score. Incorrect punctuation usage is also found in the essay, which means that the writer is not familiar with sentence structure and punctuation usage in the English language. When all of these errors combine, the long word count did nothing to help the exam taker receive a passing score.

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