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TOEFL:The expression "Never, never give up"

soshianet 16 / 47  
Oct 28, 2011   #1
The expression "Never, never give up" means keep trying and never
stop working for your goals. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I agree with the statement that "Never, never give up." In other words, human should attempt to gain their goals and desires. In this regard, I argue that effort has several positive advantages because it causes encountering development, avoiding disappointment, and obtaining practical energy.

Mainly, many people try to meet progression in their lives, and endeavor to get it intently. Indeed, development is the most important purpose of human, such as develop in medicine, technology, and so on. Also, someone who concentrates on his or her abilities may gain other goals. Students, for example, keep trying to study their lessons seriously, so they might meet their bigger aims like a good career or job. In addition, people know that the purpose of evolvement is permanent quietness and tranquility, so attempting to achieve it seems logical. For instance, a drudgery to get more money and meet welfare would bring silence.

Moreover, some people hesitate or cease to follow their goals, which it causes disappointment and sadness. Many people cease their efforts, but I want to mention that many people keep an interval or hesitate, so they would lose time. Students, for instance, sometimes look disappointment to keep doing their study hard, so they lose opportunities and may fail the exams. Indeed, plenty of people don not try to reach their goals, and stop working for gaining them, so they cannot meet to flourish. For example, students don not study; thus, they cannot pass the exams, and they will fail. In addition, people who don not try might lose their life expectancy, like many African people who don not attempt to get money, and they think that they live poorly, so their dead would be inevitable.

Last but not least, keep trying renders positive energy. If people think "Never, never give up," they would observe that their endeavors might increase and seem energetic. Also, the repetition of this statement helps us to think optimistic. For instance, those students are able to get a good score, and be encouraged to continue their study hard. This emotion, I mean optimistic feel would promote people's abilities and capabilities to reach their goals sooner, such as successful students who improve their skills about their lessons.

To sum up, people's goals are accessible if they decide to keep trying to reach them contiguously. Attempt to reach these goals causes development, keeping away an disappointment, and getting practical energy. That is why I agree with this declaration that keep trying and never stop working for our goals.

754changsteph 1 / 3  
Oct 28, 2011   #2
"Last but not least, keep trying renders positive energy."

That sentence is confusing. You should edit it to be more like "Perseverance renders positive energy."
Great writing, though!
OP soshianet 16 / 47  
Oct 31, 2011   #3
There is no idea ....
bahareh 18 / 50  
Oct 31, 2011   #4
Indeed, development is the most important purpose of human, such as develop in medicine, technology, and so on. ... such as new medicine , high technology achievement.

Good luck

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