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Getting new job and having interview are linked as a common way within companies.

indah_hai 19 / 38 4  
Feb 21, 2016   #1
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Most employers interview candidates before hiring them. Do you think this is the best way to do it? In your opinion, what is the best method for choosing employees?

Getting new job and having interview are linked as a common way within companies. While most companies or employers think it is efficient to get best candidate, I believe some methods should be considered further.

To some people who have relation major of communication with people, interview might work well, but for some are not. There will be nervous before having the meeting to interviewer, and it is possible that a candidate will not perform satisfy answers. For example, when my first interview to teach in a school, a week before, I already got worries for questions might be coming, and I got fever and stress during a week before meeting the principle for interviewing. However, aptitude test and writing essay might be the answers better than giving interview.

Aptitude tests are delivering candidate to show how qualified someone is within the academic, and writing essay can be seen as valuable because employers can analyze the strength and weakness points in public knowledge and social interest. Recent studies reported by Queen University said that 70% of 1000 candidates agree that they are prepared well to getting aptitude test and writing essay, and those tests are helpful method to get a new job in 2014. With this kind of tests, I believe nervous and worries can be decreased within candidates

In conclusion, interview can be successful to certain people who have communication skill only, and for the remaining sharing intelligences by aptitude test and writing essay are valuable method to be done.
Wolf Larsen - / 127 47  
Feb 21, 2016   #2
Hello indah_hai

I think you can improve your text by reformulating some passive-voice passages in it. I rewrote two initial sentences so that you get a better idea as to what I mean. Sentence 1. It represents a commonplace practice with many companies to interview job-applicants, in order to test whether the latter are professionally adequate or not. Sentence 2. Even though there can be only a few doubts, as to the practice's validity, I believe that it is possible to increase the effectiveness of conventional approaches to hiring people. The point is - you should try making every sub-sequential sentence as concise, as possible. Hope, this came of help. Regards.

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