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Government should spend national budget for roads, highways and public transport

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Jun 17, 2014   #1
Transportation is an important living factor, and also influences to country's economy. Both quality of route for any vehicle to travel and quality of public transportation need to be improved for better living. Therefore, governments should separate money to improve both things to support each other; good roads and good vehicles.

The quality of route effects the safety of transportation, for example, some roads or highways are lacking of light, the accident can be occurred when people travel in the night time in case that they cannot see the way clearly. Not only car accident can be happened, but it is also effected to any pedestrian too. Besides a good quality of roads make traveling more safety, it helps travelers to save the time as well.

Despite the fact that improving the road quality makes transportation better, public transportation, such as buses, trains, or subways, are more effected to populations because it is very significant in daily life. Many people are using public transportation in order to save their budgets on their personal vehicle costs; gas, maintenance, or insurance. As the quality of public transportation is good, people tend to avoid using their own cars which is the cause of decreasing polluted emission-- air pollution, and noise pollution. The stress of driver while driving in traffic is lower too.

In conclusion, the good route affects to the good transportation, good public transportation affects to the better living of people, and when people in the city have a good life, they are able to work productively which is the cause of city developing as well.

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