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Jan 4, 2018   #1
Q: Things like puzzles, board games and pictures can contribute to a child's development. What would you give a child to help him/her develop and why? Give details and examples in your explanation.

the most suitable toys for kids

A: During children's development process, they are given a wealth of toys to play with from their parents. Among those toys, I strongly believe that the most effective ones to foster children's growth both mentally and physically are a ball and a picture puzzle.

The first item which proves to be cost-effective for the parents and multifunctional for the kids is a ball. Regardless of the gender difference and the age gap, both boys and girls can gain substantial benefits from this simple toy. Firstly, the kids will be inspired to leave their electrical devices, such as the addictive iPad, aside and become more engaged in physical activities such as running and catching the ball. On top of that, an added benefit of playing with a ball is teamwork because sometimes, it requires a team of 4 to 5 kids cooperating with each other to win the opposite team.

Another educational toy that parents should take into consideration when buying toys for their kids is a puzzle. The original idea of this toy is quite simple - connecting all the small, separate pieces to make a complete picture. However, in order to accomplish this not-so-simple task, the children are forced to use their mental ability at a very young age to distinguish the differences between the pieces, making them more capable of problem-solving in the future. Besides, solving a picture puzzle is proven to be a great activity for a family gathering to strengthen the relationship bonds of all family members.

In conclusion, besides a ball and a picture puzzle mentioned above, it is the parents' decision to choose the most suitable toys for their beloved children with the hope of entertaining and educating them at the same time.

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Jan 4, 2018   #2
Lê, is this a direct response essay for the IELTS test? Please remember to indicate the type of test that you are preparing for along with the essay that you will be posting so that the appropriate review may be done for your work. At this point, I will guess that this is a direct question topic for the IELTS test based on the type of question presentation you attached. I can say that you chose to discuss appropriate topics with regards to the question but you could have done better work on the explanation development.

For example, with regards to the ball, you immediately assumed that the child will be interested in playing with the ball even though he has a gadget in hand. A more believable explanation for this would have been if you had included the manner by which a child can be enticed to play with the ball and also, how the parent can help keep the interest of the child on the game played with the ball because most kids these days have short attention spans and will most likely go back to the gadget shortly after throwing the ball to his potential playmate or parent.

Now, as for the puzzle game, considering that tablets come with all the preloaded puzzle games that the child might be interested in, and it will be simpler to play on the gadget, you again, need to convince the parents that there is a potential benefit to having the child put down the gadget so he can play with the real thing instead of the virtual version. How exactly do you plan on getting the child interested in something that has a virtual counterpart?

I am worried about your presentation though since it is less than 5 paragraphs. I feel that there is a potential for you to not have fully realized the value of the discussion within the allowed paragraph number so as to increase your scoring potential. if I had any idea as to what kind of English test you are preparing for, I might have been able to help you with that aspect of your essay development as well.