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Important ceremony - Vietnam graduation from high-school

jenly 1 / -  
Dec 16, 2011   #1
1 A important ceremony

One of the most important rite of passage in my life is graduation from high school. Graduation marked the end of course of study as soon as the starting a journey to repair for planning in future.the feeling at this ceremony is very different with others graduation ceremonies before. It leave unforgetable memories with beautiful clothes,fomal giving badge ceremony and small party.

Firtsly, clothes in graduation ceremony is very special. Because, everyday we often wear uniform. In that important ceremony, we wear white aodai, which symbols for woman in Vietnam. Girls seem more beautiful and growing up. Boys wear T-shirt and Uropean. We take a photograph to remember this beautiful moment.

Secondly, we have giving badge ceremony. That short moment is very formal. Any student glade 12 class stand in a line,then the principal give us one badge. Having happy smiles on our face. It mark a growing up for student. We will get more resbonsibilitie and know to how to live independent.

Finally, I have never forgotten a small party very interesting and meaningful. We went to a restaurant near high school where had repaired before we went. To start program, we give teachers with songs talk about the teachers to thank to them. In addition, teachers give us some advises about future plan and hope us earlier success. Then we together eat foods and chat very happy.

To me,graduation is the most memory. I believe that is also important rite of passage for students because it mark the beginning of their lives with more challenge as the saying goodbye to school. That is why short moment at graduation ceremony from high school is a bridge between school life and work life.


sohaibsiddiqui 3 / 18  
Dec 16, 2011   #2
Please re-read it you will find the mistakes yourself.

Still if you want, I shall help you. However i suggest that ou proof-read before posting it. It makes work lot easier.

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