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The influence of media for young generation

LaPolo11 12 / 28  
Apr 2, 2016   #1
Recent research has shown that media like the Internet and TV have a greater influence over people`s lives than politicians.
Which do you consider to be the greater influence?

The development of technology particularly in electronic media such as TV an internet develop dramatically in 2-decade period . For this reason, some scientists claim that media have great influence instead of politicians for mankind especially for children since it can transform children's behavior. I my personal perspective, I have tendency to endorse that statement.

Admittedly,the zeitgeist encourage people prefer to watch or research interesting materials for themselves and the majority of people believe that politician play vital part on daily live. It is because they are more affluent. They owe power to regulate and manipulate people measure. A 2007 study at university of Lisbon revealed that approximately 52% of dweller each country are bound to follow the lifestyle of authority. The result of this research, citizens have tendency to leave any opt. In addition, there are some cases that people have been promised that the government will bring changes to the status of a country. Furthermore, elite law makers were also the one who propose legislation, which creates overall control of a society. Therefore, government officials is important figure for people.

Media, conversely, surround wide-range and can provide millions of people with information simultaneously. That makes our lives easier and makes us savvy about latest news or innovation. Additionally, justifications that state that mass media has higher influential contribution to the public. a Spanish citizen a pragmatic instance, person who sits his or her chair can watch or read about latest condition of Japan`s traffic jams, that is great and also interesting for many people, because they enjoy and at the same time learn new things. However, Politicians always speak about almost the same things, therefore can not attract guys.

The aforementioned evidence convince that media is more popular among people than politicians, that is why, its impacts are higher than politicians over people`s lives. I firmly assume that the media have great influence for teenagers .

Anaguna 21 / 27 5  
Apr 3, 2016   #2
Hi.. here some suggestion for you, hopefully it can improve your essay.
The development of technology particularly [...] tendency to endorse that statement.
"The latest study reveals that media such as the internet and the screen are influential in changing the members of parliament perspective. Although this is true to some extent since the politicians use the media for politicking the society, I strongly believe that it is give large impact for youngster behavior such act for violence. "

Note: be carefull on "out of topic", since your example spread massive areas, try to focus on the idea. Maybe the idea that I suggest can lead you to write well.
Ester Napitupulu 18 / 25 3  
Apr 3, 2016   #3
Hi Akhan..
Here some my suggestion for you :)

... in electronic media such as TV andthe internet develop dramatically in 2 -two decades period .

In my personal perspective,

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