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Which kind of roommate would you prefer? (American roommate)

vaishali1980 26 / 83  
Feb 23, 2011   #1
Some international students choose American roommates. Others choose roommates from their own countries. Compare the advantages of having an American roommate with the advantages of having a roommate from your country. which kind of roommate would you prefer? why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.


Nowadays students like to study wold wide. Some students prefer to study in American University for better facility and future. They have to take apartment for a rent and because of high cost, they have to share with other students. Some international student choose American roommate and some like to share room with their own countries. Both has their own cos and pros. In my opinion, I would like to choose American roommates. The reasons are I like to share and get experiences, cultures, new test of food and learn new methods of studies.

The main reason for choosing American roommates is to learn different culture. Though students come abroad for gaining knowledge of their field, other activities also help to them for active their brain and stay healthy. Learn others culture and experience help to get relax, experience some excitement and useful in future to work their country. For example, if Chines student share room with Indian student, he can learn many Indian cultures, Indian people's interest and if he get a chance to work in India, he might be get advance knowledge about country and their people which is helpful in work environment. In contrast, some students will not agree with this opinion. Sharing culture sometimes create problem. For example some countries won't believe in God's statue and pray for him. Cast also play an important role for differences.

The second reason is different methods of studies. Each country has different study method and content. If a student share a room with American roommate he can learn new thinks related to his field. Some countries schools syllabus is on theoretical base, so student won't get actual or applicable knowledge. Other countries give a chance to student learn practically and choose desirable subject. It has also disadvantage that some student don't like to share knowledge.

In additionally, a student can learn other things from American roommates like language, food, polite behavior and so on. One more thing I would like in American students is to take challenges in every aspect. But from same country roommate we get moral support, same activities like cultural, or same food.

In conclusion, both has advantage and disadvantage but as my concern I would choose to stay with American roommate to learn many things like food, culture, study as well as their behavior to give a respect to others and take challenges.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Mar 2, 2011   #2
wold wide.

Typo. Also, this can be one word: worldwide

The reasons are I like to share and get experiences, cultures, new test of food and learn new methods of studies.---This is adifficult kind of sentence. Do this:

The reason comes from my desire to share experiences, cultures, new foods, and learn new methods of study.


chinh made a great edit!!
And here is one more mistake:
...both have advantages and disadvantages, but...

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