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A leader should be a good speechmaker to convince people and a good listener of different opinions

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Jun 2, 2016   #1
A good leader should be a good speech-maker to convince people or a good listener of different opinion.
Nowadays, these is a widespread debates over the personal characteristic and traits of a sound leader. Some people hold the view stating that a gentle leader must be a perfect speech-maker to persuade others , specially his or her people. Conversely, others holds opposing idea asserting that a good leader should be all ear to listen the pain and pleasure of individuals from different walks of life. I personally adhere with those supporting the latter notion for arrays of reasons that some of them will be discussed here in detail.

The first argument that can be asserted in order to support my point of view is rooted in the fact that being unaware about the difficulties and deficiencies exist in a system governed by leaders, leaders would not be able to tackle problems which people face. To be more specific, take the current leader of North Korea as an example.Although people of his country is suffering from the sanctions imposed by the national community, he is still trying to pursue the nuclear program without listening to desires of his own people. As a result, a sound leader,firstly , should be such a good listener.

Another claim that can be made in favor of backing up my standpoint derives from the fact that a gentle leader should be honest in his or her speech. No matter how circumstances are tough and severe, a leader should not deceive people in order to convince people to support his or her notions and plans.People have rights to be informed about capital decision might be taken by their leaders, it is the first line of democracy . To clarify my standpoint and a have better understanding about my statement, it is nice to have a real example here. Take Ahmadinejad , the previous president of Iran, as an example. Due to pursue his plans without any obstacle, he made a lot of inspirational speech during his presidential moment which brought about him to be a charismatic feature between some Iranian. However, after a new president came to the scene, new governments revealed his faults and corruptions during his presidential time. As a result, I am of the opinion that the honesty is the best policy for everyone, specially leaders.

In sum, one can draw a firm conclusion that I hold the view that the leaders should have a lot of sound features , of them all ,they should firstly have good ears to hear the people's trouble. Moreover, sometimes, making an influential speech needs not to be honest to persuade people to follow plans.

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Jun 3, 2016   #2
Hi Ara, WELCOME to the Essay Forum Family.
I hope that this is just the beginning of your consultation and friendship here in our website.
We strive to provide you with useful and credible insights, so you can come up with a meaningful and well written essay.

Now, going back to your essay, the modification on the title of the essay is correct and I hope you follow through.
Moreover, the demonstrative words that you choose such as "this", "these" and "that" needs to be properly observed, know the circumstances where you need to put what amongst this words as it directly affects your essay.

Overall, the essay needs a little bit of polish, I will get back to you on this, I hope this initial observation helps.
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Jun 5, 2016   #3
I think you should replace people => citizens it may be better
his or her people => his or her citizens

And you can replace people => they/them/their in some cases
people's trouble => their troubles
persuade people => perssuade them

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