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Life cycle of the silkworms - how to produce the silk cloth from their cocoons?

farhan110991 11 / 17 8  
Apr 16, 2015   #1
The diagram give information regarding to life cycle of the silkworm and how to produce the silk cloth from the silkworm.

Generally, what stands out from the diagram is that there are 4 stages to the silkworm's egg to become cocoan which is a raw material to make cloth. In addition, the process of production of silkworm need 6 steps to cloth.

To begin with, the eggs are heated by the moth for ten days in a leaves before become a silkworm larva. After 4-6 weeks, the silkworm larva will produce silk thread covering the larva's body. In the 3-to-8-days form, the larva go out from the cocoan and transform to be a moth.

Moving to a production of silk cloth from the diagram shows that cocoan produced by the larva will be selected before being boiled in the water. Afterwards, the boiled thread is unwinded in the range 300-900 meters length. From this step, the thread can be dyed without weaving to be cloth or the thread can be weaved first.

  • this is the diagram
dunguyen 9 / 19 6  
Apr 16, 2015   #2
Your essay has plethora of grammatical errors, which make the essay difficult to be fathomed. I suggest that you divide each of your current sentence into shorter and simple one first. The purpose is to make the whole essay understandable. After that, you can make your essay more refined by changing the complexity of sentences and adding vocabulary.

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