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The maps below show Colwick Arts Centre in 2005 and today.

chungdinh 1 / -  
Jun 3, 2022   #1

development of the Colwick Arts Centre area

The 2 maps describe how the Colwick Arts Centre changed between the year 2005 and today. Overall, we can see there were many changes made to the centre, notably the utilization of wasteland and the constructions of new buildings.

In the past, the concert hall and the cinema shared a building. However, they are now seperated into two buildings, which are placed next to each other on the upper left-hand corner of the centre. The two galleries in 2005 are demolished. They build a new gallery and a café in west side of the center. The meeting rooms are moved to the north-west corner. In addition, they also build a drama studio between the meeting rooms and the cinema and a central exhibition area in the middle of the centre.

The centre transforms the wasteland into outdoor exhibition and performance area. A stage has been built in the middle of the land which is surrounded by rows of trees. There are many desks on each side of the trees for students of the centre.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Jun 3, 2022   #2
The summary overview and trending statement are well developed in this essay. The 2 sentence presentation is concise, clear, and displays a good control over sentence structure development.This is one of the high scoring considerations of this image interpretation.

The comparison method used in the paragraphs are also well developed. Grammatically though, the writer should have avoided using certain current action references in the reporting paragraphs. The present indicative plural was misused in this case since the images from the " today" image has already been completed. So, a reference to the works already having been completed should have been used. An immediate past indicative term should have been used instead.

Save for the aforementioned grammatical error, the writer shows talent in comparative report writing.

Home / Writing Feedback / The maps below show Colwick Arts Centre in 2005 and today.
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