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Media coursework, comparing 2 articles..

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Media coursework

You are asked to compare item 1 and Item 2, explain which item you think will be more likely to encourage people to become teachers.

After critically examining both of these texts I have come to the conclusion that both of the texts are effective in getting the attention of their audience. Both texts effectively targeted their audience in very different ways. Using the texts and analysing their purposes, presentations, language techniques and structures, the two texts are successful in getting their message across.


The purpose of item 1 is to encourage people to consider teaching as a future prospect to get people to take a teaching course. "Teaching is like no other career", "You will find it intellectually stimulating, creative and endlessly varied" this persuades the audience to think that teaching is worthy like any other job out there. The ultimate purpose of this text is to paint a picture for the readers, so they can imagine life as a teacher. "...everyday brings a fresh challenge": sentences like this allow the audiences mind to think of the possible "fresh challenges".

The purpose of item 2 is to provide the audience with a realistic account of teaching, so the audience can see what a teacher's daily routine consists of, for example "I plan and deliver lessons, monitor pupils' work. The purpose is to allow the audience to realistically consider teaching from a first hand account. Reading this makes you feel as though the teacher is talking to you giving advice on the best parts of teaching and the bad parts as well. The realistic account allows the audience to know how serious the job should be taken and what the possible rewards are, such as seeing children progress, seeing them become important people in society who have a good impact on others.


The presentation of item 1 is much more attractive and appealing to the naked eye; it gives the audience a sense of realism by using fire, a face and a match stick, all things the audience can relate to and that are common to everyday life. As the text is in the shape of a lit fire which has actually been blown out, the text has character and is more affective. It is clear to the audience that the burned out matches on the article symbolize the teaching of one student ending and the fire in the boy's eye represents teaching of the other beginning. This shows us that teaching is endless "...because of course without teaching there's no other profession". This informs the audience that if the students are not being educated then they will not be able to get anywhere in life, so they should appreciate the help when they get it.

On the other hand, Item 2 is a very simple, "boring", and straightforward piece. There are no tempting pictures or colour that will allow the mind to think. As a result of this it is less attractive but yet is still affective for the targeted audience. This is because it is in a intellectual newspaper and the people who will read this will not expect it to have colour or be in a form such as the other piece is.

Language and structure

The language techniques used in item 1 are effective and efficient due to words such as "you" , "you're" and you'll";the emphasis here is that the article is talking to you specifically. Other examples are "change your life" and "you will find it intellectually stimulating". Another language technique used is mathematical. Statements such as "...you can earn close to $40,000". The figures attract attention by catching the readers eye and makes them consider teaching as a serious future prospect. The following quote paints a picture for the audience: "...you will have a opportunity to work with highly skilled people". This informs the audience that they can work their way up. Furthermore the author cleverly used a technique that has great effects on the audience by using the title can you light fire? Those who can, teach". This title is unique and different. The title also reflects the tone of the article as it has a blown out match and a fire in the boy's eye. Item 1 is a propaganda tool because its main aim is to encourage the audience to teach while informing the audience that it is a gift that will give them a great heartwarming feeling.

The structure of item 2 is not very complicated. It is simple and a realistic account giving the audience more depth about what they have to do, what is expected from you and how you get to do it. Plus it tells you about the rewards that "bumping into ex students" provide: showing people's feedback so you will know what to improve on. It is more informative than item 2, which gives a personal opinion. This personal opinion informs the audience of the highs and lows of the workplace and is more realistic. The structure is the same as what is expected in a newspaper, with good language and paragraphs.

To conclude, both items are very effective in reaching their targeted audience and both target different audiences. The newspaper item 2 will be read by thousands in the paper however the poster will be read by a few whilst waiting for something or looking for something unrelated. The item I believe that will encourage people to turn to teaching is item 1 because it paints a more attractive picture; so does item 2, but sometimes the truth is not always effective."

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