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(IELTS ESSAY) merits and demerits of MNCs in developing countries..

ash5005 10 / 16  
Dec 23, 2012   #1
Q: Should MNCs (Multinational companies) be welcomed to our country? What are the merits and demerits of MNCs in a country?

foreign investments in developing markets

Nowadays, due to the influence of globalisation, many multinational companies are mushrooming in developing countries.There are serious arguments for and against inviting MNCs in a developing world.In this essay,i would like to argue that there is no serious problem in promoting MNCs in developing nations rather than getting prosperous.

To begin with,today the proportion of the number of foreign companies has surged significantly than it was in eighties or nineties. From hotels to huge automobile construction plants of international standard are establishing day by day. Owing to the higher cost for labour and resources makes companies focusing on developing nations.It is a fundamental principle of economics that business flourishes where there all the four factors that is: land,labour,capital and entrepreneurship exist.

Concerning the advantages, it is obvious that an MNC can provide lots of job opportunities to the native job aspirants and many efficient professionals can have better job environment. In addition to that, there is huge amount of revenue received as a means of taxes and other stuffs are instrumental in the over-all development of the host country.Finally now people can access many of the international brands in their own countries without losing much money on customs duty.

However, a small proportion of nationalists are arguing against the implementation of MNCs saying that which will abolish countries tradition as well as social values.

Changes due to the developments and advancements make them feel so.Moreover, local brands face business loss due to the direct entry of international one as the influence of consumerism and aggressive materialism.

In a nut shell, though MNC causes a relatively small proportion of harms,which creates huge benefits to the host country.So it is essential to invite more MNCs to our country to get us more developed.
joythblessy 86 / 272 15  
Dec 23, 2012   #2
Hai ...

Good essay...

Well written..

Keep it up..

Globalisation ===>globalization

dumi 1 / 6,925 1592  
Dec 23, 2012   #3
many multinational companies are mushrooming in developing countries.

.... the presence of many multinational companies in the developing countries have a mushrooming effect.

the four factors that is: land,labour,capital and entrepreneurship exist.

The actual reason is that multidimensional's prime motive is profit maximization. So they move their plants to the places where they find cheap labor and other resources. You should discuss this fact more prominently.

Overall, very good job!

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