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Does Nation require to teach same curriculum throughout the country?

shanti03 1 / -  
Jul 6, 2016   #1
"A nation should require all its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college rather than allow schools in different parts of the nation to determine which academic courses to offer."

Help me to find out my weakness.

Primary goal of education is to modify students' behavior in positive way and make them ready for future consequences. The statement about uniformity of curriculum all over the country before college is impractical, irreverent, and not appropriate. Though it is apt to have uniform and simultaneous distribution of resources throughout the country, but actually for most of the case, it is not suitable. In few case, country with uniform population might have suitable opportunity to use uniform curriculum, however, heterogeneous distribution may not take advantage from uniform population.

Uniform curriculum will not necessarily results uniform outcome. For instance, if the teaching material is uniform throughout the country but the students are diverse in nature, they might precept the knowledge differently. So after college life, their future become Unpredictable. They might not able to persuade the degree that they want.

Furthermore, if the distribution of the population or the geography of the country is not uniform, which is ubiquitous in most part of world like India, the same curriculum will be unsuitable. For example if the country has three climatic zone: hot, mild hot and, cold. To teach apple production in hot climatic zone is not as much useful as compare to cold zone.

Most of the time teaching involves preservation of culture, customs and rituals. If the same curriculum is provided throughout the country , it results the extinction of culture of privilege group. For example in India , most of the bucolic culture are in endangered situation . The diverse nature of the culture has not been employed by the government.

Furthermore, the distribution of the resources in uniform curriculum may not be possible or may be difficult. Usually in peak time the study material as well as teaching staff of same criteria is required, which will be difficult to fulfill by the nation especially if it is economically poor.

In conclusion, though the uniformity of curriculum before college sounds good, the result will be adverse in most of the case. But diverse material will address the Nations ethics, culture and develop the country as a whole.
donnyork - / 2  
Jul 6, 2016   #2
DoesShouldNationa nation require to teachteachingthe same curriculum throughout the country?
"Does" denotes whether in fact something is CURRENTLY in practice; so, instead of "does" you need "should" to denote a PROSPECTIVE possibility which you open to questioning.

Next, "Nation" (capitalized, and without "a" or "the" preceding it) is only appropriate as a PROPER NOUN denoting a specific "one and only"--not your meaning here, where you are posing an abstract question. You need "a nation" or "the nation" for your purposes here.

Next, you need "teaching" instead of "to teach" here. Or you could say "schools to teach." English uses the infinitive ("to xxx") instead of the gerund (the present participle form of the verb, ending with "ing") as a noun by itself rather infrequently.

Finally, you need "the" before "same" for reasons I can't quickly explain here.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Jul 6, 2016   #3
Hi Shanti, WELCOME to the Essay Forum Family, we hope to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate feedback for your writing projects. We aim to pump up your writing projects in order to create an even stronger and credible essay.

Having said that, below is my share for your essay;

-The primary goal
- of education is to modify students'( an apostrophe is not needed in the word "students") behavior
- in a positive
- for their future consequencescareer .
- to have a uniform and
- but actually for most of the cases ,
- In few cases , a country
- not takebe an advantage
- fromfor a uniform population.

- Uniform curriculum will not necessarily results uniform outcome.
- becomesu npredictable.
- They might not able to persuadepursue the degree that they want.

There you have it Shanti, I hope you are able to follow through with the corrections above. For future writing reference, mind the constructions of your sentences and make sure you don't forget the necessary punctuation marks and other minor details such as linking verbs.

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