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Period of 6 decades: Household Expenditures from 1950 to 2010

Clark Kent 20 / 23 6  
Nov 21, 2015   #1
A breakdown of the proportion of money spend in household from 1950 to 2010 as a projected years, a 6-decade period in a country is presented in the pie charts. Overall, the majority of 50's people spent their money on housing, while in 2010, food was the essential part to fulfill.

By 1950, the inhabitants had allocated just over seven in ten of their money to housing, while the percentage of spending money on food was almost seven times lower than of this. However, other parts were not the focus of the people to spend their income with, because the figures solely stood at no more than 7%.

In the next six decades, the percentage of expending money to housing witnessed a dramatic fall. The figure finished at 22%, while the proportion of people buying food increased more than three times, to almost more than a third. Transportation and other also experienced a sharp rise to 14% and 19.2% respectively, while health care and education were still in the lowest position.

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Nov 21, 2015   #2
Muflih, since the chart presents figures from previous years, you should use past tense words and plural forms in the writing of your essay. Other than that small problem with your essay, it really is well developed. I would like to show you how to better write your essay though. I believe that there is room to improve the grammar content.

The pie chart provided indicates the proportion of money spent in households from the year 1950 - 2010. The 6 decade period represents most of the expenses was spent on housing in the 1950's. The year 2010 however, showed a shift to food expenses.

In the 1950's the residents of the unidentified country allocated only 7 % out of 10 % of the money earned to housing. Food expenses were seven times lower than this. Other household expenses were also allotted no more than 7% of the money allotted to household expenses.

This was a trend that was reversed over the next 6 decades with 22 % of earnings were already being allotted to the purchase of food, a 3 time increase in budget allotment. Transportation costs now rose to 14 % with other expenses receiving the remaining 19%, finding healthcare and education with the least expense allotment.

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