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Reasons one should start (or not start) college right after high school..ESSAY

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Mar 9, 2014   #1
hi, I have to write an essay on the topic "Reasons one should start (or not start) college right after high school. Essay instructions: Intro paragraph with thesis statement, 3 paragraphs (body), concluding paragraph , 500-600 words. Can you please proof read and help with any needed corrections. Thanks

Attending College Right after High School vs. Waiting

Students are excited with the major event of graduating high school but are also faced to make an important decision to attend college immediately after high school or to take a year break in between. There are many advantages and disadvantages of waiting to attend a college or university right after graduating from high school.

When taking a year between graduating high school and attending college the thought of getting a little time to find yourself and what it is that you would like to do with the rest of your life seems like a great idea; however, it also leads to young parenting and marriage before attending college. When a student is a parent or spouse, they no longer just have the responsibility of themselves and their grades, but will have to care for others as well which adds a lot of stress and financial hardship. Students that have the opportunity to explore the world before starting college is incredible and may feel like if they don't take the chance to do so now they never will. I look at it as if they were to attend college and get a degree they will have a better opportunity to do much more in life.

Some student will end up getting a full or part time job to help pay the tuition fees once starting college. Getting some kind of experience could be an advantage and help with employment experience, but on the other hand it could also be a disadvantage, allowing the students to get an impression that they are making enough money to survive so continue to work rather than go to college. After working in the same place and only making minimum wage, some will soon realize that it isn't enough and will want to make more money, needing a degree. Which if they had attended college right after high school they could possibly be finished and already working in the desired field.

Another advantage of attending college fresh out of high school is that the studying techniques and routines one uses are still intact. Once you get out of the habit of school it is much difficult to adjust and get back in the routine again. Colleges use a test to determine which class is best for the student to be placed in based on their scores. It is shown that students that take the placement test right out of high school perform much better since the material learned in high school is still fresh in their mind. Waiting to take the test could be detrimental to some; forgetting material and scoring lower, resulting in needing additional classes for your degree.

Taking a break before attending college could cost someone their dream. There are many disadvantages of waiting and very few advantages. There is no good reason one should put their education on hold. Once you have your degree or career of choice you can then enjoy life, family, friends, and even vacations. Until then, concentrate on starting life as a young adult with minimal responsibilities and take advantage of all possibilities that may come your way once you have reached your destiny.

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Mar 10, 2014   #2
First, you need to open your essays in the right forum. This should have been opened in the Writing Feedback forum (we moved this from Essay Term papers to Writing Feedback). Also, include the purpose of your writing (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, GRE etc.) in the title itself so that we can provide you with more task related comments . Again, have the full prompt included in the essay so that we know exactly what your prompt requests from you.

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