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Is romantic love a good basis for marriage? discuss

Jun 15, 2011   #1
Hi I writing my essay again because I deleted by accident. I have a writing test in Lehman College this friday. I am really nervous. Spanish it is my native language so as you can imagine I suck writing essays.

Well, I found this web side I hope help me. Please do not hesitate and write all your comment they will help me. This is a random topic I giving myself like half hour to write about this I hope to do well.

I want to start saying that I am married. And thanks to God I base my marriage with romantic love.
What I think about romantic love in marriage. That they go hand to hand. I think without romantic love the marriage will end on a disaster. Because, in the order to get a girl, mens have to be romantic.

It is really simple, flowers, chocolates, a good song, a poem, even if is not from you, a mariachi if your latino, a love letter, an infinite stuff that you can write to you love one. I will say, that I got married when I was 21, she was 20, pretty young. But the stuff that she made me do, I never done it for anyone.

We were dating for like a year. It was awesome. But as you can imagine not everybody was happy about it, starting with her father. But it was those small stuff that I mentioned before, flowers, chocolates, mariachi, made her felt love for me, and of course me for her. After the year we were into a lot of problems, with our families. So we decided to get married. I was not the best way to do it. But the romance and the love that we felt, push us to take that big step in a couple. Affortunaly, this is my case romantic love made my marriage a happy one, for now. There are troubles a lot of them. But with love communication, respect everything can get solve so easily.

In other hand, I have met marriage that money, papers, are based of their marriage. I wont judge. But I think those reasons are not real reasons to start a marriage. One of my best friends got married for papers, they lived together. But it is not love in the relationship. It is sad because he did just for papers. When I go to visit him, it is one of the worst experience in my life. For the reason that it is no love there, just interest. He has to do this for a year.

In conclusion romantic loves is the best base to have a wonderful marriage, with love you can solve your problems really easy. And marriage can be the best experience in your life. Which it is for me.

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Yo, Exon de la Torre,

First, good luck on your test on Friday. Lehman College has let a lot of people in who suck at writing essays.

It does not matter how much you suck when you arrive at Lehman College, so long as you can write by the time you leave.

Don't be nervous.

Is Romantic Love a good basis for marriage?

I am married and my marriage is based on romantic love, and it is working out fine. My wife and I married very young, but we loved each other very much. Without romantic love, marriages would be a disaster, and dating would be hard because men need to be romantic to attract a woman.

Romantic love is a good basis for a marriage because people who are in love are considerate of each other. We have differences of opinion, but we listen to each other and work things out. Romantic love is also a good basis for a marriage because it keeps the relationship fun and spontaneous. I still bring flowers to my wife and write her poems and send her notes. She is always surprising me because she and I are still in love.

Romantic love is a better basis for marriage than a lot of other ones people use. People who marry for money often find that it does not make them happy. My friend married a girl to get American citizenship, but I go to visit them and it is sad to see how they live. There is no love in the house and no happiness.

From my own experience, I believe that romantic love is the best reason to marry someone.

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You have some good stuff in the essay. Be sure to answer the question clearly and develop the reasons you feel that way. You have good examples in the essay but don't tie it all back to the question as tightly as you could.

Watch out for sentence fragments. A sentence fragment is less than a complete sentence punctuated as if it were a sentence. It's a serious writing error and will make the teachers at Lehman College frown at you.

Your original paper ends with a fragment: "Which it is for me." This can't stand by itself. You could write something like "Marriage, which has been a great experience for me, can be the best experience of you life if you marry someone you love."

Rock on my brother!
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Jun 16, 2011   #4
Because of mosquitoes, we stay inside.
If you use this kind of sentence, you can start with BECAUSE. However, do not use BECAUSE at the beginning of this sentence:
in the order to get a girl, mens have to be romantic.

Because, in the order to get a girl, mens have to be romantic.

In order to get a girl, men have to be romantic.

...a mariachi if you're Latino, a love letter, an infinite amount of expressions that you can write to your love one. ----I made several changes here.

In other hand, On the other hand, I have ...

...met marriage that money, papers, are based of their marriage. -----This part does not make sense. Can you simplify it?


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