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A sample of dream interpretation

tomluciano123 1 / -  
Sep 18, 2023   #1

Just a mixture of creative, what is on my mind essay.

Dream is a manifestation of the subconscious when a person sleeps. It creates a visual imaging in the head that captures what the deeper thought thinks. It puts on a play or sequence of events that entails a hidden meaning to most people. It is quite interesting to try to understand the mechanism on dreams.

One thing for sure. It is difficult to understand dream in one glance. It requires to pause and try to comprehend what it symbolically means. Dreams could not be defined merely by looking at a dictionary or search bar. It is beyond the surface of the superficial explainable. For example, I have dreamed the other day. I was fighting a huge snake and my family was wrapped by its tail. Looking back, I was baffled by the imagery of how absurd that was. Just like a beginner atheist trying to comprehend the bible. Atheists have the intellectual pride that they know that the biblical literature is stupid. The figurative meaning is taken as literal play rather than trying to understand the metaphysical understanding. In the end, the wisdom of the Abrahamic stories is neglected and results in biased thinking there is nothing we can learn from the Judaeo-Christian text. Figurative analysis is required to try to understand the subconscious vision. I tried to deeply think of the representations of my dream.

Snakes are represented differently throughout ancient tradition. In Abrahamic stories, snake is first displayed as the precursor to the fall of man. It is the serpent that tempts Eve, the mother of mankind, in the Garden. Throughout the texts, the bible warns its reader to be careful of serpents or AKA, lies.

There are 2 ways on how we can get away from serpents. In the scene I have dreamt, I am the person who tries to fight while my family is already squeezed by its trunks. Pythons, which is the likely the type of snake in my dream. The muscles in its trunk squeezes the victim till the victims go limp and then the snake devours them. The chances of the victims getting out is slim, almost zero once they are on its trunk. The trick is not to get caught by the snake.

Snakes take a while to strike their victims. They wait for the perfect timing. This is the perfect moment for the individual to ran away. People should not wait for the snake to attack. Another good technique to consider is to understand how sneaky a snake is. Know that snakes are hidden and lurk on the shadow. People who understands this have their senses up and are more prepared to deal with unseen snakes.

When a person is already on the snake's trunk. There is nothing the person can do but to ask for someone to help them cut down the snake. In the scene, I am the shinning knight who tries to free my family. Sounds narcissistic, I apologise. Nevertheless, the idea is to look for an external help. For example, porn is almost impossible to be avoided by sheer force. Porn lies to people by thinking it gives them benefit when in fact, based on literature, it harms people instead. One solution is to look for apps that completely block this snake away or simply get rid of their phones. Another, alcoholics need to remove themselves from social situation that frequents on pubs. They should also remove alcohol completely on their fridge. Otherwise, they are fooling themselves by thinking they cannot be tempted.

In conclusion, snakes, as represented as lies, try to trick people from believing that they are there to help mankind when in fact, it is the opposite.

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