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Science lessons in school should be more interesting

Etheos 1 / -  
Jul 23, 2018   #1
I'm on holydays and I am taking advantage of them practice English. Could you help me to check this writing, please?


Nowadays we can watch students get bored during science lessons at school. If science lessons are more interesting, students will learn better science topics, they will be more interested in studies and they will love science lesson.

If science lessons are interesting, students will be more concentrated, consequently they will learn better the science topics. That's very important because nowadays all most students study only to pass the exams and get a good exam note, but they aren't interested in learning the lessons to use them in the future. People know that students forget 80% of knowledges got in class, I think if lessons are more interesting students are going to remember better the lessons.

If students learn correctly science lessons the country may achieve a high technological development soon. That's why it's important teachers do an effort to make science lessons more interesting. However, it's also important, students try to pay attention during class.

When students are very motivated they want to learn new topics. Interesting science lessons could motivate students to study more and to find a passion for science.

In conclusion, it's important science lessons are more interesting to motivate students to study sciences. We need to do that if we want a developed country.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,999 2704  
Jul 24, 2018   #2
Hi Alexis. I am happy to meet you at this forum and I admire your desire to improve your written English skills. You have the potential to write in a coherent manner at all times in the language, even though your vocabulary is not at strong as it should be at the moment. Don't worry though, familiarizing yourself with the language through constant reading and watching of English programming should help fix that problem for you.

As far as this essay is concerned, it was interesting to read the later part. The earlier part lacks information to make me care or understand why this topic is important. One way to improve this essay would have been for you to present the reasons that you believe cause the students to find learning about science at school to be boring. What are the reasons they are bored by Science classes?

Additionally, you should also make suggestions regarding how Science classes can be made more interesting for the student. What activities can they undertake? What should the teachers do to make the learning process more interesting to the student? More importantly, how can the teachers explain the importance of Science to students in a manner they will remember and understand?

Overall, you have presented a good draft. It has room for improvement. When you write more practice essays, think about the arguments and opinions involved in the discussion of the topic. Use a few of those ideas when you develop your essay. Then come back here to have your work reviewed. It is the best way to develop your English writing skills.

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