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Students who get suitable time they can opt in to work part-time

tipi 5 / 12  
Mar 19, 2012   #1
It is good for school and university students to take part-time jobs. Do you agree or disagree?
While studying in high school or higher education students have to work part time-works as a better option. This seems plausible in some extents though it depends upon their spare time and the types of education where they can get little chances of spare time to work. If they get the suitable time it will be beneficial to them in various means.

Of course, education related job will enhance their performance. If they get opportunity to teach children or junior school student for example, they sharpen their knowledge in empirical means like they know more lexicons, enhance their writing, acquire adaptive IQ in mathematics during their work. Some of the higher degrees like education faculty recommend their students for teaching practice inside their own countries and abroad in extra time. Where, they get chances to know different cultures, explore the new place and exchange of ideas with different people and learn new languages. This will make them more understanding and more maturity which are the crucial bonanza for their future career.

Similarly, the boon for extra work is certainly the economic gain for students. In which they not only earn for their extra pocket money but also they understand the value of money to spend economically. Their earning definitely reduced their parental extra investment for their tuition and accommodations. Even some students are habituated as spendthrift with their parental money. If the students are able to earn themselves they stop such habit which ultimately reduces broaden to their parents.

In contrast, the school students though should be limited to their part time work for their vacation period only. Otherwise, it will certainly hamper their high school education which is the basement for their future studies. Engrossed almost in part time work for such students is more chances of diverting them from their core task and some time dropping out their school. They may turn their part time work to full time as they lured by money and develop luxurious habit to spend more. Similarly, the higher education students who have tight schedule should only opt to work at vacations only. The medical student, engineering, and science students will not get more time for such work rather to stick own their academia. But the students who study hotel management, graphic designers may work any time where they benefited side by side work and study. This will be fruitful for both their study and economic gain as well. Large numbers of computer designers are offered online work like in Google network offers.

Conclusively, it can be said that the students who get suitable time they can opt for part time work for their extra benefits both for experience and economic gain. But it should be limited for high school and higher education students those have tight study schedule.
kthanhpn 1 / 6  
Mar 27, 2012   #2
What is the prompt of the essay? Is it a newspaper article? This affects the presentation style of this essay.

So far, your essay does not have an excellent hook.

"It is good for school and university students to take part-time jobs. Do you agree or disagree?"

Are you trying to persuade the reader to one side or the other? Or is your paper supposed to be ambivalent?

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