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Study in the past and present

Buinganhieu 1 / 1  
May 11, 2019   #1

Studying before the internet era

It's most likely that students in the past were not able to apply modern technology in their study. Nowadays, students can get access to learning equipment such as computers, projectors , touch pads, which were not available20 years ago. These devices make the lessons more interesting and also assist teachers in teaching, especially in natural sciences including Physics geography Chemistry,etc . Moreover, thanks to the assistance of technology, students can easily find information for their projects at home and homework can be assigned to them without meeting face to face. In addition, a great number of lessons nowadays are also given online so that students can learn by themselves at home effectively with more fun. In the past, students did not have technology so the way they studied is very different from that in modern time. They had to use chalk to illustrate scientific phenomena, which was time consuming but not effective. Before the Internet is used, students had to go to the library, read lots of books and hand write everything they thought might be useful for their work. It would take them lots of time, effort to do a project. Also, it was easy for students to get bored while studying since they just learnt with boring textbooks and notes at school. In conclusion, without technology, students in th past had to learn with plenty of difficulties and inconvenience
Maria - / 1,098 389  
May 11, 2019   #2
Try to implement a more academic/informative tone to your essay. Doing this will greatly improve the overall structure of the content because you will be able to have more direction in terms of the flow that you want.

Remember that in all essays that you write, you should write with intention. This means that you should be cautious of small mistakes that may hamper the way that you relay your information.

Moreover, I would also suggest that you try to be flexible when it comes to the data that you input. When you are given a writing task, the interpretation would be heavily reliant on what you feel. Doing this means that you should be more creative with the way that you perceive these tasks to have more innovative ideas in writing.

Let's revise a couple portions of your essay in accordance to this.

In the past, the absence of modern technology made it difficult to have ease in studying. Nowadays, this access to technology has made lessons more interesting for students; additionally, this has assisted teachers in more innovative approaches.* [...]

*Notice how I had integrated the first five sentences of your essay and made three out of it. Using this technique of merging your thoughts and conclusions into more structured sentences will enable you to have more hold over the flow of the essay. Furthermore, this will also help you evade potential mistakes.

Remember these as you are writing down your next essay. Best of luck!

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