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TED Summary : The World's English Mania

mem77 62 / 98 6  
Nov 15, 2016   #1
TED Summary : The World's English Mania

In this TED video, the speaker opened his speech with mania. Many societies have their own craziness activities, for example mania on music, education, and other things. However, the most noticeable mania base on this speaker is about English mania. It is because English become predominated language in the world and about a billion people use this linguistic. Finally, English appeared to be true as the global conversation since most of people think that it is represented hope for the better life in the future.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,621 2516  
Nov 15, 2016   #2
Muhamad, where is the link to the video? It seems that you wrote a summary which does not really pay attention to any major details, points of discussion, or information from the essay other than what you chose to present. Perhaps that is because it was easiest for you to remember this generic information? Your essay is definitely lacking some data that could have helped to make this summary more informative. In terms of your use of the English language though, you are showing an intermediate ability to inform people in English. You are coherent where it counts and you have managed to present your summary in what would seem like a proper progression. That does not erase the fact that your summary is only 4 sentences long which, by all accounts, is too short for this to be considered a truly informative summary statement.
NinaJoesuf25 36 / 66 4  
Nov 15, 2016   #3
Your writing is great but there are some correction

... opened his speech withINTRODUCING REGARDING mania.
..., education, and other things( OR, TAKING MANIA MUSIC, EDUCATION OR THE OTHERS AS AN EXAMPLE). However, the most noticeable maniabaseD on this speaker ...
... a billion people use this LINGUISTIC SCIENCE. (LINGUISTIC IS AN ADJECTIVE) .

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