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Jan 8, 2021   #1

The Standard of happiness

Happiness is considered as the fundamental goal of humans, yet it is one of the most difficult aspects of life to quantify. The Standard of happiness is evaluated in many ways, connected to various aspects of life. But overall, according to three research, material and non-material conditions are the two main groups that determine happiness.

The material condition relates to all physical elements such as finance as well as the environment. Money is the key factor to support life that is the reason why an adequate financial condition is vital for happiness. Correspondingly, both researchers Gross National Happiness and World Happiness Ranking consider finance element, specifically GDP and sustainable socio-economic development, is the pillar contributing to a happy life. The World Happiness Ranking also shows that the top ten of indexes are prosperous countries namely The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and so on. In contrast, nations in economic turmoil like Sudan, Venezuela, ... are the least happy countries. Besides that, the environment is instrumental in a happy life. According to Gross National Happiness, Bhutan- the happiest country in the world has policies that not only meet the development demand of villagers but also accentuate the need to protect and preserve the environment and forest cover. It is no doubt that a clean environment makes good conditions for human physical and mental health.

Another important factor determined happiness is non-material conditions referring to spiritual elements, namely governance, freedom, or relationship. The governance of each country plays a vital role in the happiness of its inhabitants. Due to the World happiness report, Finland- a nation which is well-known for great subsidy policies and low population- has topped the index of happiness nation twice. Contrastingly, population-dense countries like the United States, Egypt, and India dramatically fall in happiness rank. It is conspicuous that policies such as social assistance and family planning have a significant effect on the happiness of each country. Besides, freedom is also considered as a factor that significantly affects a happy life. Specifically, the most common regret of people is that they do not live a life true to themselves, even most people had not honored even a half of their dreams. According to the research about the top five regrets of dying, one wish participants have is that they should have kept in touch with their friend. These concerns have not brought joy but created a deep regret in their lives. Furthermore, Meik Wiking, CEO of think tank The Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark, who took part in the World happiness report said that: "The divide between rich and poor also creates an erosion of the cohesion and trust between people, which is so vital for the feeling of safety and security and therefore for the overall happiness level of the American people". From the previous evidence relationships in a society deeply affect the spiritual life, especially the joy of each person.

In conclusion, the word happiness can be determined in various ways but in general, it can be evaluated not only by material aspects but also non-material conditions which refer to spiritual elements. A happy life only takes place when both material and spiritual development occurs side by side to complement and reinforce each other.

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Jan 9, 2021   #2
The sources of the opinions, the title of the articles, and the individual foundations for each definition of happiness need to be a part of the introductory paragraph. The idea behind a synthesis essay is to merge the related ideas into one, while allowing a separate idea to stand alone, if required. These serve as the comparison foundations for your discussion. There is a lack of proper referencing to the source materials and authors in your presentation. These leave the essay less informative as it should be. The reference to various sources and opinions make little sense to a reader who does not understand what the source materials are all about.