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talking about cyberbullying the effects and what kids go through

myra95 1 / -  
Nov 12, 2023   #1
Cyberbullying has become the place where teens and young adults like to bully each other. when did bullying each other in cyberspace become the place to bully someone. What made cyberspace the place for teens and young adults to go too. When it comes to bullying it hits close to home. As a person that was bullied when they were little for being themselves was hard.

in the last couple years cyber bullying has gotten worse than it was. Teens and young adults started bullying each other online because it was easier to get to people. It was easier to affect their emotions, make them feel bad about themselves without having I be there in person.

Cyberspace is the place where teens and young adults will bully each other. What is cyber bullying and what's the difference between regular bullying. Cyber bullying is a form of bullying that involves an electronic use to harass or to threaten someone. (cyber bullying) The difference between them is that kids would rather bully someone online because it's easier for them and they can't get caught. As to where when they bully someone in person, they have to watch out for anyone that's looking beforehand.

But what makes teens and young adults bully each other online instead of doing it in person. The reason they choose to bully online now is because they can easily access cyberspace from any electronic devices. Which means they have access to social media platforms. With teens having access to social networks so easily especially when they have technology in their hands, they have made it more modern. According to national center for education statistics (NCES) more than 16 percent of students have been bullied since 2019. About 23 percent of children between the ages of thirteen to seventeen have experienced bullying. (Cyber bullying) By just looking some of the statistics bullying online has gone up.

I do think now that bullying has become more modern teens and young adults bully each other online because it was easier and faster that way. One way that teens and young adults bully each other is through their phones. since parents buy their kids smartphones teens and young adults have a social media, they started to use it as a place to bully each other. Secondly according to my research, they also use it to get the attention of people so they can get into the "popular crowd" at school. All of times they would rather do it online Instead of doing it in person at school. Because if they do it online where millions of people can see what they post about someone else they think it's funny to let other people comment more mean things about someone else. Overall, I think teens and young adults wanted to bully each other online because there were no consequences.

When it comes to bullying there are many ways kids can respond. Some kids will respond by staying silent and not say anything to anyone. When kids stay silent it can cause them to have depression when they get older. As to where there are kids that will reach out to an adult to do something about the bullying. They will just feel bad about themselves as they get older. They will have that feeling of not being good enough for anyone or anything. To where's there are kids that would just pretend it's not happening and block that person online. When teens and young adults are victims of being bullied, they tend to have PTSD, mental health problems, depression and many more.

When it comes to cyber bullying there are some effects that the victim will go through the rest of their life. When it comes to the effects of the victim of bullying, there are a lot of long-term effects. One example is loss of confidence of who they are or feeling helpless about themselves. When one has the loss of confidence, they feel like they won't be able to do anything in life. Another example of a long-term effect is depression and anxiety. This can cause them mental health problems in the future.

As you read about cyber bullying there is enough information for parents to help their kids in that time of need. As a parent one thing that they can do is sit down with them and talk. Some things parents can do to help their children through this tough time is by being there. Another way they can support them is by not taking the technology way. When a parent takes a kid's technology away, the kid will feel like it was their fault for what's happening. What they can do instead is just monitor what they can and cannot do on social media. They can also have their children go see a therapist to help them feel better about themselves.

Overall, teens and young adults should be more aware about what they are doing online. They should take in consideration as to what will happen to the ones that were bullied. The type of emotions of the long-term effects they would go through life. Especially when it comes from someone who has been bullied it can affect the way you would see yourself.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,918 4798  
Nov 25, 2023   #2
Cyberbullying has become the place

Cyberbullying is the act of bullying someone in cyberspace. It is not the place where the bullying takes place. That takes place in cyberspace. You are using the wrong reference point in this case.

You are using the incorrect punctuation mark most of the time in the first paragraph. You are stating questions and yet closing it with a period, indicating the end of an informative sentence, rather than a question mark, which is indicative of you asking questions of your readers or looking for answers to your questions.

The last sentence in the first paragraph is confusing. Are you speaking of yourself as a bullied person or, are you speaking of someone else? That is not clear as a reference in this last sentence. You should clean it up to be more informative.

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