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'he is tall, has short dark hair and dark eyes' - descriptive paragraph about my best friend

ayoups 1 / -  
Oct 15, 2015   #1
My good friend Mohammed and i have been friends for a long time,We first mit at the primary,he had known me,but our friendship has become strong at school,mohammed is taller than i am,with short dark hair and dark eyes, Mohammed was stylish he usually wore a jean pants and a black shirt ,his favourite color,he is a social guy , clever ,his talent is drawing specifically 3d design in his laptop also programming ,he creates many project ,he usually reminded me to calm down and compose,mohammed is my best friend because for me a friend is someone who cares about you and never lets go of your friendship ,I hope we will be friends forever.
pdeep37 6 / 13  
Oct 15, 2015   #2

Please go through the sentence structure. You also need to improve in, punctuations, phrases and linkers.
vangiespen - / 4,134 1449  
Oct 15, 2015   #3
Ayoub, I'll show you a sample of how to write this essay properly while also correcting the bad grammar in your original work. After that, I hope you can post a revised version of your essay based upon my example. Here we go:

Mohammed has been a good friend of mine for some years now. Our friendship goes all the way back to when we first met in primary school. Although we were very young and seemed to not have too much in common, we somehow found some reasons to bond and create a friendship. It is a friendship that has become stronger over time and through our shared life experiences. he is my exact opposite in terms of physical attributed. He is taller than me with dark hair and eyes. He also has a better fashion sense that I have with his standard jean pants and black shirt. Black is is favorite color so it tends to show up in most of his clothes. He is also more sociable than I am. Maybe because his talent for drawing often attracts people to look at his 3D designs on his laptop. He has a very creative mind so he has a lot of projects that he works on whenever he has some free time. He is the friend that I come to when I feel troubled or pressured. It is his voice of reason that helps me calm down and reminds me to remain composed at all times. He is my best friend because he cares about me and works on our friendship with me. I can only hope that we will be friends forever.

Home / Writing Feedback / 'he is tall, has short dark hair and dark eyes' - descriptive paragraph about my best friend
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