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'thousand of movies out there' - toefl writing answer

jyjlover 1 / -  
Jan 14, 2012   #1
This is a toefl writing section... the subject is whether you like serious movies or just entertaining movies!

There are a thousand of movies out there, these all of movies seem that they can be separated into two big kinds of movies. Serious ones and entertaining ones, Especially, movies that are intended to only amuse and entertain are likely to be seen by more people than serious ones, However, is this kind of, entertaining and amusing, movies actually worth of our time and money?

Movies are also one kind of art, as is classic music, literature, and pure art. It is called popular art, because many people can have more opportunities to encounter it rather than pure art. Even though many people argue that movies are only made for the purpose of entertaining and low culture because it is popular art and it refers to inferior quality, movies can also become to have high qualities themselves and touch a lot of people's hearts. Moreover, as the line between high culture and low culture has skewed, movies makers became to be able to conduct many artistic experiments.

What I want to say is that because of these reasons I have explained, movies should be seen as high quality art genre, and more serious and artistic movies have to be made more. Let's suppose that you watched an entertaining and stunning action movie. Many kinds of lavish guns and opulent people come out and satisfy your eyes. However, what is meaningful in it after you watch it? Did it leave any impressive theme or touch your heart? There are only few action movies you can cry over after you feel touched.

The movies for only entertaining intent cannot leave you anything after these movies get done. Only satisfaction for eyes and stimulation of the peripheral nerves will be left to distract your brain. Then, it can be said that your time and money you pay for these movies are all wasted. Compared to this situation, serious and artistic movies leave you something, even sometimes in your life. Art is called art, because it touches your heart and stirs your feelings. High quality movies, which refer to "serious movies", are enough to be able to become truthful art and conduct these duties. In other words, serious movies which can deliver important messages will be worth far more than entertaining and amusing movies.

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