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Topic: Causes Reducing the amount of book-reading "READING-CULTURE WHETHER IT STILL EXISTS"

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Nov 8, 2014   #1
Books which are the most precious and elaborate work has been created to store the sum of human knowledge. Reading book not only broadens reader's horizons but also gives readers an inside view of life. Nevertheless, the number of people - Young Vietnamese people in particular to read books has been decreasing year by year. The majority of the young people now do not like reading book anymore because of these following factors.

First, science and technology have made a profound impact on every aspect in life, which is also an unexpected factor leading the youth they haven't interested themselves in reading book. There are numerous forms of entertainments such as listening music, watching series film, playing online game on computer or smartphone. Everyone spends most their spare time using social network, watching TV, checking box or accessing porn sites, junk mails and long-lasting Korean dramas, so what is the time for reading book??? Moreover, overusing Google, Wikipedia for everything also causes adverse effect, everyone tends to search "instant results" on the internet rather than looking up information in books. When they need anything simply googling to find any relevant or facebook what's on their mind for help? So it may not necessary to read books, they suppose. Reading book here is not only textbook, hardback book but also online books, newspapers or even watching TV educational programs. Therefore, many people can read book on Ipad, Smartphone but when they read book on these technology devices, they cannot concentrate on reading books.

Lacking "Reading culture" also acts an important role in reducing book-reading. In terms of history, our ancestor used to use Chinese character, it was too hard to read and write and because of the war resulted in most of them were illiterate. As a result, they could not reach the civilization through reading and appreciate the actual reading value. Nowadays, when a student has assignments. He is going to just read book for information concerning his lesson if not, he tends to throw away and resume their unfinished games like Crossfire, league of legend, Vice city, zombie, etc. which always satisfy them. Also, they have to go to cram school, the good books are expensive result in reducing the amount of reading book. In some cases, many young people are "actual bookworms" they read everywhere, every time but Gentle tales of love, exciting passages, humorous stories, comic books are their favorite books rather than many other genres of books like personal growth, success stories, science and business related and so forth. It is impossible to get learned if we read only what please us, reading these books for amusement is a perfect choice but to keep reading is a disaster.

Last but not least, many young people are aware of the importance of reading book, but they have no the right ways to read book effectively. Suppose reading book is similar to digestion: swallowing, chewing, digesting, absorbing nutrients in order to gain valuable lessons. In contrast, they often read too fast and too many genres of books just because they want to chew as many books as possible to get knowledge. Hurried reading, however, prevents them from understanding and digesting the ideas expose in the books. A quick reading is similar to a travelling by train, we can see many things but only few remain. Moreover, choosing bad books causes various dangers. The erroneous ideas and conceptions exposed in a certain number of book make our mind deviate. The dirty pictures and obscene images described in some passages can stir up our imagination and trouble our mind. So, a careful selection of good books is very important. Also, do not know how to apply what we have read causes many problems as well, many young people frequently read such as: Think and Grow rich, How to win people, Start-up Nation, Chicken soup, Leadership, etc. They all are completely good but "The ideal is always more beautiful than the real". Sometimes, life is different from books. Reading to get ideas from the book and knowing how to apply what have been read, are two different matters.

In conclusion, reducing amount of reading book is a dangerous phenomenon in modern society. Therefore, to heighten public awareness of the benefits of reading book is of critical importance. It is crucial that we held old book festivals to share the experience choosing good goods with reasonable prices or conduct a campaign to discourage overusing technological devices and reading book more often, instead. Now let's turn off TV, shut down Laptop and enjoy books as "The smallest bookstore still contains more ideas of worth than have been presented in the entire history of television" ---Andrew Ross---
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Nov 8, 2014   #2
Thien, you have a tremendous volume of information this essay. While that is a good aspect of your essay, unless we know what the exact prompt is, it will be difficult for us to advice you about the proper content or topic related concerns of your essay draft. The essay in its current form contains too much information that ends up cluttering the page. I am sure that you have a prompt for this essay. Once you share it with us, we will be able to help you edit the essay and make it easier to read. We will most likely have to edit the information you presented in the essay once we learn what the topic you are supposed to answer is. Don't worry, we are here to help. So expect us to give you additional advice and instructions once we know what we are dealing with at this moment :-)
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Nov 8, 2014   #3
Thanks for your feedback so much, I have an assignment that is to write a five-paragraph essay - in particularly, cause and effect essay, free topic so i choose the topic on reducing of amount book-reading especially to the youth - teenagers, students,... with 3 causes - that is : The impact of technology, lack of "reading culture", and wrong ways to read. i hope you help me revise it properly - "to be honest i am just sophomore of language so i don't have many experiences to write an academic essay" Best regard,
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Nov 9, 2014   #4
Thien, it is important that you learn how to outline your essay before you write the draft. The outline will help you clean up your discussion and give it a tighter direction regarding the discussion. By using an outline, you will be able to think of the proper thesis statement and then list down the topics that you want to discuss in relation to it. By listing down everything that you will cover in the essay, you will also be able to discover which topics are unnecessary and which topics can either be shortened or eliminated from the essay. Since you developed the essay in this manner, you will also be able to envision the conclusion for your essay. Remember, you need to keep your discussion interesting but short. So the outline will definitely help you achieve that. I have found that by using an outline, I am able to better discuss the essays that I write. Try it out. It might work for you. By the way, don't be afraid to ask questions, I'll be glad to answer your concerns and help you out in any way that I can :-)

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