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Ielts topic: why do some students study abroad

Topic: Why do some students study abroad? Explain.

Today, students tend to choose to continue their study after high school at a university in a foreign country. The purpose of my writing is to critically discuss the main reasons for this tendency. From my perspective, study efficiency, skills improvement and life experience are the most important reasons why some students want to study abroad.

Above all, study efficiency is crucially important. Some students are inclined to attend universities that provide them with good facilities and top professors on their majors so that they can realize their dreams. It will be easier for them to gain outstanding results in such professional environments. Moreover, foreign students are always motivated by their nation pride. That is why it is common to see that students studying abroad usually achieve great respect from native students.

In addition, skills improvement is necessary and useful. Being in a new country, you have to adapt yourself ti a new environment with a different way of living, new language, strange foods and so forth. You also have to start an independent life because you temporarily do not live together with your family. All of these will develop your living skills and make you a great deal more mature.

Finally, being a foreigner is interesting. The tradition and culture in the country you study certainly have some things different from your homeland's. Therefore, it is a good chance for you to discover. Also, if you have ample time, travelling in a new country is really attractive. This will increase your knowledge and experience as well.

In conclusion, I think studying effectively, developing skills and experiencing a new life are the main reasons why some students decide to study abroad. Personally, if I have a chance to go to another country for studying, I will take it without hesitation.

Being a foreign student wanting to study abroad myself I find that I can agree with most of your statements, I just have a couple mistakes I wanted to point out:

1.Being in a new country, you have to adapt yourself ti to a new environment with a different way of living
2.The tradition and culture in the country you study certainly have some things different from your homeland's homelands.

Another reason you may want to consider is that sometimes not getting out of a country can give you a very close-minded way of viewing things. For example, in Costa Rica the highways have three lanes making them small compared to the highways in the US which have 5 or more lanes. My dad used to say that when the lanes of Costa Rica begin to look big it was time to get out of the country. Maybe getting a new air of things could really open your mind to new possiblilities.
Hi hvthoteen,

You have had yourself a great essay mate.

Just a small thing in mind head, you shouldnot use too many "you" in IELTS writing but instead, use many people or some people. It could make your essay more academic.

please,can a moderator rate my essay?

Raquel, I have nothing to say to you in criticism of the essay. It is perfect. If the ietls is a test of proficiency in the English language, you are ready to pass.

Now that you have mastered the English language, the next step is to blog about your interests. go to blogger.com or something like that, and begin your career. You are talented! Also, please check out EssayForum Contributor Page because we need your help! :-)
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