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IELTS task 1 - two charts demonstrating a research about adult education

phamhuong 1 / -  
May 22, 2021   #1

describing the charts of adult education

There are two charts demonstrating a research about adult education. The bar chart represents adult-studying reasons while the pie chart shows the way over 18-year-old people should divide studying costs.

In the first one, 40 percent of mature people got interested in subject and 38 percent of them wanted to achieved qualifications. The second most popular reasons for the studying at the such age are supporting the current job with 22%, preparing for promotion with 20% as well as enjoying learning with 20%. Also, the percentages of mature individuals wanting to switch their jobs and hanging out with others are ,respectively, 12% and 9%.

In the second one, the education fees were shared quite evenly with the most amount for individual at 40%, followed by employer at 35% and lastly taxpayer at 25%.

In conclusion, adults have various personal motivations to get further education, which is why they have to pay the biggest share of a study course instead of taxpayer or employer.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,263 3976  
May 23, 2021   #2
There are 2 images provided but notending statements represented. You need to present 2 trending sentences in the summary overview as well. One for each image to help properly summarize the discussion highlights.

wanted to achieved qualifications.

Beware of the time reference indicators. You have a confusing sentence here. When you say " wanted" that indicates a failure to achieve in the past. While "achieved" means a successful past achievement. Which one are you trying to convey?

This in a 3 paragraph essay. You cannot have a stand alone single sentence presentation to represent that. Since this a task 1 essay based on reports rather than a personal opinion, a conclusion should not be included in the final presentation.
huen 3 / 8  
May 28, 2021   #3
''There are two charts demonstrating'' should be ''demonstrate'', cause it always demonstrates, not only at the moment
You have some mistakes with ''the'', like ''the studying''=> ''studying''
'' wanted to achieved'' => achieve
It can be seen that you have difficulty with grammar, then you should practice more about it and try again

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