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Usage of margarine, butter, low fat and reduced spreads - IELTS TEST

alexrussso 1 / -  
Mar 20, 2021   #1

popularity of different types of spreads

The line graph illustrates the usage of margarine, butter, low fat and reduced spreads over the course of 26 years starting from 1981.
Looking at the graph, it is immediately obvious that people tended to use margarine and butter to put on their food much more than low fat and reduced fat products. Overall, butter and margarine usage experienced a downward trend, meanwhile there was an increase in the consumption of low fat and reduce spreads before falling slightly at the end of the period.

In 1981, butter was the product consumed the most at approximately 141 grams, in comparison with margarine and reduced fat products at 86 grams and 0 grams respectively. In 1996, people started to use low fat and reduced spreads to put on their breads, and the figure continued to rise to more than 80 grams in 2001. However, from 1991 to 2001 margarine and butter registered a decline from 100 to 80 grams and 60 grams respectively.

In 2009, the three categories examined decreased. Low fat and reduced spreads' consumption fell slightly at 70 grams, while margarine usage halved to about 40 grams and butter usage fell to nearly 60 grams.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Mar 21, 2021   #2
over the course of 26 years starting from 1981

- Ending when? The information is incomplete. The summary must include the start and end date of the measurement chart. Otherwise, the information presented is incomplete. It is only a year you have to include, always include it. The reader needs to be told when it ended. They should not be expected to compute it for you. They will lose their train of thought and be stressed by the information presented. By the way, you forgot to include the reference to the measurements used in the summary (grams). That is part of the short information presentation requirement and adds to your TA score.

I am not sure where you got the information about putting these spreads on bread. There is no indicator of that in the image presented. If no reference to such was made in the original image, then you should not be providing such inaccurate information to the reader. Keep the reference general because that is what you need to present, no added information that will alter the accuracy of your report. If it was included in the original prompt, then you should have included the original prompt with the image for my reference.

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