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using network in classroom or traditonal class

Logie Thanh 1 / -  
Nov 15, 2023   #1
Technology already have played a important in our life. It bring many benefits and helpfulness, one of them may study in school. Almost people think student should turn their book into e book because it's convenient but other do not. Other people say do not want to replace traditional book. This is at the forefront of public awareness that make intense wrangling.

Considering technology 's advance, e book may help student more interested in during the time on school. Some benefits e book from the handy are easy to take. Student can connect from class to cafeteria, it helpful when child look for detail, beside it is rich resource such as help student search a difficult word, teacher create new measure to teach, while student can be enjoy studying more than traditional class. Unlikely technology, traditional class obtain some inconvenient in teaching for instance, may not look up information. It causes many troubles that students be bored when attend the class, when children catch a new word in book and read transcription under book, some student maybe understand and some do not because of book's explanation often is brief close to term in dictionary. It brings to misunderstand word meaning. Furthermore different with educate method probably help student more attractive in class.

To continue, e book benefits is keep children under controlling, using network as e book is potential way. Parent can attend class from home as well as become a supervisor that help observe how child study in class. As possible the parent know how the course process, how many number credits that student need, and the teacher attitude is one of feature make parent believe in school competence. In other hand, traditional class may help student take easy breath, children learning without parent control is a factor help student being best state, joining and building class are sufficient that school emphasize. Moreover, student may rescue under peer pressure. Under parent control in class may lead to is compare and so, student being comperasion from family may effect to students self-esteem consequence that unexpected.

Finally, the positive reason e book should be use in class is the environment problem. In fact, electric implement help government reduce amout garbage make from paper, it also protect habitat against pollute. Take the edge off and decrease deforestation crisis. In contrast, using traditional book do not lessen junk, waste accounting for 35 percent of litter in United State. It bring to many issue of paper is a huge number that can not countable. Electronic or network have many drawback either, using techonology cause expensive, inflation economics affect to microeconomics. People can not deny traditional way to learn because of some people said that love the feeling when write in paper with a pencil, even though convenient of network bring to us.

In conclusion, it is hardship to definity traditional is 100% useless and negative, it also have more advanceges. Forthcoming, children may have more interactate to technology, that's why keep parent and school to step by step for student contact to network in school.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15036 4827  
Nov 27, 2023   #2
I was confused by the grammar used in this presentation. I can somehow fill in the blanks and do self explanations for the most part of this reading. However, not all readers will take the bother to do a repeated reading of your presentation. For the most part, I saw that you had an understanding of what you had to write. You also have good ideas to present. The problem is in the way you presented it. You need more practice with English grammar. You have to work on sentence structure and vocabulary. These can be achieved through more language exercises on your part. You have to make sure that you do more sentence building exercises and vocabulary work to achieve a clearer thought presentation in your essays.

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