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Violence against women - essay suggestions

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Jan 1, 2011   #1
Violence against women

Since thousands of years human beings' lives have been affected by violence. Year after year this phenomenon becomes more serious and dangerous. It contains many kinds, and the most common one is the violence against women which needs to a radical treatment. Since this gender is the most vulnerable to violence, Not only organizations but also many laws were legislated as attempts to protect women from violence. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. According to psychologists, lack of education, media, and nature are the main reasons which lead to this Non-civilized phenomenon.

Most of people, based on recent studies, who are practicing violence against women are not educated people. Therefore, violence against women is more common in underdeveloped countries in education than developed countries in education. The recent studies tell us that 30% of women in U.S were exposed to violence whereas at least one of every three women were victims of violence in Egypt. WHO and UNICEF declared that at least one of every three women was exposed to batter, rape, or to other kinds of violence around the world. Psychologists believe, the violence against women is the most dangerous kind of violence. Because, this form of violence affects negatively on the women's psychology, it would lead to pillars vibration of the community. Psychologists believe, that educating people could be consider as a good start in the way of struggling violence.

Media, according to psychologists, can affect the way we think, respond, and act without knowing about. Because, according to psychologists, media can address our unconscious without our knowledge, it could make violence as a new way to deal with our obstacles or disobedience to our orders. Activists in the field of women's rights expressed their surprised about not covering the cases of violence against women by media. They say, there are many inspiration stories about women who were vulnerable to violence which deserve making movies about. They believe, media can have an essential role in their fight against the violence. psychologists resembled media to a double-edged sword, they believe that media can be a powerful element in struggling violence or inciting on violence.

Psychologists believe that human beings' nature could be consider as the main reason that leads to violence. They believe, because of the man's body structure is stronger than woman's body structure, the violence against women is more common. They confirm that the same man who uses verbal and physical abuse against a woman, won't use them against a man who is stronger than him. For example, we can imagine if a man got married from a bear and a woman from a cat who would use violence against his or her partner. They say it's very disappointed that we allow our nature to act instead of our minds.

However, violence is not a new issue, especially the violence against women. It exists since the beginning of existence. Eliminating this non-civilized phenomenon needs to all people's cooperation. We should incriminate this action by all its forms and the person who uses it should be convicted by society. Educating, and media could be good channels to spread the principles that invite to respect and protect women's rights. However, in intention to stop this dangerous phenomenon, there should be radical solutions since, not only the women are the victims of this action, but also the society.

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